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Uh uhh...
I'm a lesbian...
I'm an uke... :x....
I'm single now... v.v, No arms to hold me in... *Grumbles* I hate it. *sighs*... Oh well... I write stories on . I use my characters as OCs in them. I'm only on my first one. :X But you can check it out!>>>>>> <a href=""></a>
Reviews are welcome! I don't get enough... *Cries*
I hope, if you read my stories, you come to love my characters as I have. ACE IS SEXY NUFF SAID.
*bows* Yes I'm a fangirl.
Oh and I have fetishes. o/////o
*giggles* I like bondage and being a maid... Oh and wearing a collar saying I belong to someone is good too. Anyway... Sorry for ranting.
KTHXBAI~<3! Doki~<3!

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