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HEADS UP: I've recently been officially diagnosed with chronic PTSD, as well as both social and general anxiety. That said, these things do tend to cause me to have periods of absence from Rpr with or without warning. If I happen to have a really bad episode of feeling numb it makes me not even want to do my favorite things, such as draw or play video games. They can get pretty bad to where I don't even want to get out of bed. However, thankfully, they do go away and/or lessen and if I've not replied to someone in a few days because of an episode I message them immediately when I feel better with an apology. This will hopefully just alert future Rp partners ahead of time of my situation so they don't lose patience. THAT SAID. I will get to you eventually. I will never ghost someone. I ALWAYS come back. <3

Active Characters: Two anon.

Active PM Rps: Three

I've been playing Furcadia for at least 15 years or more now, so I know my way around role-play. I always keep IC/OOC separate, so don't assume anything any of my characters do or say is coming directly from ME. It's just good role-play. Anyways, if you see me around Furc, feel free to say hello because I'm usually pretty social.

I am not actively seeking any new Rp at the moment, sorry.

I AM possibly taking commissions though. Message me?

I've had experience with a troll in the past, and that's why I want to add this:

**Please do not approach me with aggressive harassment. You will be blocked and reported; no questions asked. I will NOT reply if I feel like you're trolling.**

I guess I can also add that I'm a gamer, artist, writer, and anime lover as well.

I'm usually a super nice person, so feel free to shoot me a PM if you want to Rp! The only time I'm not is when dealing with trolls or rude people in general.

Picarto/Art Stream:

Rave Reviews

What can I say about this lovely woman here! Everything really! She is funny and bright! Talking to her oocly is always fun! Coming up with ideas is great when starting out. Yes, she may reply slow, but her posts are always worth the wait! Every time I wake up in the morning and see that she has replied. I ignore my sleepiness and wanna read her reply! It always makes me itch to figure out what to post back. Somehow, even though I don't know her that well, I can work with her! - UsagiSmith
RawksYoSocks is a really great RPer who can make a wonderful personality out of her simplest, most basic new characters. Even in OOC she's pleasant and charming, and always makes sure to pay attention to what's going on, and she isn't afraid to ask questions if need be. Overall, she's great if you want a good long term RP with rich character interaction. - Berzmare

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