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Hello There

Apart from the fact that I do indeed have a character named Oliver, that is also my name!
I've been roleplaying for about seven years now, and a little fun fact, I'm also an artist. You can find art of mine on basically any of these social media apps: Amino, Instagram, Deviantart. Just look up PatchWorkPup!

Roleplay fun-facts
1. I LOVE detailed roleplays, it helps me get more involved with the roleplay and characters.
2. I hate one-liners, please don't send me a one or two-word response, it's really frustrating.
3. I have so many OCs I wish i could add on here

Get to know Me:
1. I'm a conspiracy theorist who also is a Cryptid fanatic.
2. I'm a furry, guilty!
3. I sew stuffed animals for my friends and I'd say I'm quite good at it.
4. I love 20-40's music and dapper things!

Rave Reviews

Oliver is very understanding if you’re a bit late and is very willing to adjust no matter what you might want to throw out! He will love your characters just as much as you do and show it and validate to no end, rps with him are very fun and interesting!! You should definitely check out his insanely creative plots, you won’t regret it!<3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Nervous

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