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✧・゚:* Kristikins *:・゚✧
Aka: Moondog or Klagey
♀ | 29 | INFJ-T | ♉ | Hufflepuff | zqDCfN7.png
🌙 Moon Devoted
So, I'm rather friendly.. I just absolutely suck at small talk.
It isn't because I dislike you I just fail at conversations. Roleplay, however?
I can roleplay for daaaaays. Hit me up and let us do some plot. ;)
However, please keep in mind my characters are crafted for Adult content.
This means you as a player must also be a legal Adult!

Official creator of
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All are currently Closed for new creations.


The Flames that Warm my Black Soul and Fuel my Muse

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I would be absolutely lost without them.


Pretty glimmer created for me by:

Currently, I do not roleplay on RPR's chat or PMs.
If you're interested in meeting one of my brain childrens, you're more than welcome to seek me out on Furcadia.
I'm always lingering in the dream The Golden Tether.


Rave Reviews

The Turk to my JD, my manic and random friend, only you could keep me in hysterics till four in the morning. For someone so creative you're incredibly down to earth, a little gem of a person and the master of the three tiered rat cage! From what little we have managed to roleplay I can honestly say i'll never forget, I mean who else could play something as adorable as Sura and somehow manage to remind me of the wonderful Gollum? Never change woman, life would be boring without you. <3 - BobbinK
This lady here has an eye for aesthetics; I don’t know how she does it! Her rpr pages are always so beautiful, her character designs elegant and simple all in one and the way she rps reflects the elegance and the heart she put into her designs. She’s also a doll to speak to with wonderful ideas and terrific plots! - Xheila

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