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Taurus | Demiromantic/Pansexual | He/They/It | Writer | Artist | Digital Graphic Designer | EST Timezone

 Do not friend me if we haven’t spoken before. Message me first if you want to friend me. 

Current Status?
Somehow stressed, bored, tired, and ambitious all at the same time.

Current obsession?
Work. Because I can’t escape it and I need money.



Please read all of my rules before messaging me. There isn’t a lot and I’m very flexible. Don’t make these rules a reason to be scared to message me, I’m very open and not mean, I swear! Thank

Basic Rules

1. Do not send me one liners in an RP. Do not send me one or two paragraphs. I ask for 3+ more paragraphs with detail.

2. Do not main or seriously hurt my character without consulting in me first. Do not kill my character before talking to me about it.

3. Adult themes are for adult characters and players only.

4. I only RP on this website, RP Repository. I do not do discord or any other platform. RPR is the best way for me to RP and I love it’s format. It’s easier.

5. Romance will happen if it happens. I like characters to have a connection, to actually love each other for who they are. I don’t like love at first sight.

6. Have ideas? Hit me with them! I’m not judgmental and I love brainstorming together.

7. I only RP with user accounts 17 and older. Thank you.

Talk to me for more details about rules or if you have any questions.



I write in third person only, so I use terms such as she/her, they/them, he/him instead of I, me and you I ask that my partners also write in third person. It can be third person omniscient or limited, but please so first person or second person narratives.

I also only write five paragraphs or more. I don’t do one liners and won’t stand for them. My maximum of writing can reach about twelve paragraphs or fourteen.

Writing E1 - Detailed
Was Clover impressed? He was. He didn’t show it though. His eyes tipped over to the detective, lips almost twitching into a smile when he realized what game this man could play. Manipulative little bastard, thought the doctor without a kink of shame. He too was manipulative just like Sherlock was, so it wasn’t in his room to judge. But he did anyway. He stared at the man from the corner of his eye, wondering just how smart his brain is. He felt tempted to give him a mind game, maybe even to teach him medicine and hire him as a doctor.

No no, Clover couldn’t get ahead of himself. He always was intrigued by the smart people in the world though; for they rare existed. Everyone is always looking at things, but never truly looking at them. He had a feeling that Sherlock was more than meets the eye.

Delores jutted out her bottom lip in a pout. Obviously, she didn’t catch onto the manipulative perseverance of the detective, because she flushed and pressed her palm against her cheek as if she was saddened. “Oh! She loves him dearly. It tears her apart to be away from him. She always tells me how she wishes she could be with him and have fun and go on dates.. plus more, if you know what I mean!” She winked, nudging her shoulders in a suggestive manner. But she continued, “I wouldn’t know what she would do if he didn’t talk to her! I am glad she does now.”

Bingo. That answers the main question right there, doesn’t it? Clover wiggled his nose and tapped his foot slightly when the lightbulb went off in his head. He always likes learning new things, getting answers, no matter what type it is, bad or good. He raised his eyebrows and stared emotionlessly at all of the women, trying to see if he could peer past their facades.

When Sherlock turned his attention to Kelsey, her egotistical little grin seemed to falter. Clover was just surprised that he said something in French, a famous quote at that. He wasn’t expecting anything such as that. He muttered ‘wei wei’ under his breath in response, almost as if he was agreeing with the manipulative consulting detective.

Kelsey scrunched her nose up. She almost looked sympathetic, but then again, who knows if that was true. Psychopaths are hard to read when it comes to their emotions and they are even greater at faking them. “Ah! That’s so true. The police are just big assholes who cant read right to left. They always need help and can’t get anything done. I understand why you are doing the job, you seem like a smart and somewhat nice man.”

Nice? Clover wasn’t sure he could he agree with that. Sherlock Holmes seemed like many things but nice wasn’t on the top of the list. Maybe he was polite, maybe he was a somewhat good man, but even good men don’t have to nice per-say. Sherlock was eccentric, unique, smart. Clover doesn’t know him well enough to even call him nice. He can only state what he sees, and that is the fact that Sherlock Holmes is not a normal man.

“I agree. I am glad that Detective Holmes has came to help Char’Lee. He is a good detective, don’t you think?” Clover egged them on.

In truth, he wanted them to grow closer to Sherlock, to maybe trust him more and more. So he could get some answers. Sure, Clover didn’t like authorities. But he liked seeing what people could do. What would be the harm of allowing the detective to play a game with Char’Lee and Mr. Sauveterre.

Delores piped up again. She sniffled, as if she was on the verge of tears, yet her eyes remained dry. She leaned in close and whispered, which was pretty loud. “Okay, don’t let Char’Lee know I told you this, but I think her and her husband had a small argument recently. I don’t know of what but she was distraught. she sobbed for hours and said that it was all her fault and that she hated herself. I think she blames herself for the fight, for some reason!”

Kelsey smacked at her friends arm. “Don’t tell him! We can’t trust him yet.”

Clover immediately hummed in response. He sat still, his lip twitching, not into a frown or a smile. Just twitching as if he wasn’t sure what emotion he could go for. “You can trust him. You trust me do you not? If so, then place your trust on me for I have placed my trust on him.”

The women looked between each other nervously, unsure of what to do or say . The other patients at the table were still quiet, for they too were wary. Being in asylum means you can’t trust many people.. especially when all the people around you are Doctors or mentally ill people just like yourself.

<example from an RP with someone>

Writing E2 - Less Detail

Knock. Knock. Knock.

For the umpteenth time, Mistara looked up from her desk with a scowl. Her tanned cheeks were blotchy red in anger, strands of her frizzy brown hair sticking out in odd angles.

“What?” She snapped, lips smacking.

The humidity of the guild was getting to her, beads of sweat rolling down her temples whenever they got the chance. She was aching to step outside; where winter air whistled through the trees and froze the streams. She wasn’t sure at this point why the guild master allows fire magic to warm up the guild when he obviously has no control over it.

The cold was never been something that bothered her. She enjoyed it much more than the sweltering, uncomfortable warmth the filled the assassin guild’s walls.

The hinges on the door squealed as a man strode into her room, stopping right before her bed where she sat. He was tall and lanky, his bones jutting out in odd angles with a odd hat placed atop his head. His nose was small and his eyes were big, face scrawny and sharp. Mistara couldn’t help but think he looks like a weasel; the red hair didn’t help his case.

Glaring at him with the most heinous look she could muster, she demanded, “What do you want?”

She had a feeling she knew what. All throughout the day, different assassins and employees of the guild have came to her and told her of the news and rumors. Someone’s out to kill her for an assassination she did, they are out for revenge. It wasn’t anything normal. Many people in the world seek the revenge of killers yet no one ever succeeds, it was something she was used too. But then again, not every person is a highly esteemed family who could easily kill her.

Learning that information made her a tad worried. The family that hunts her is the Blundas family; a bloodline of sorcerers and witches. It’s not an enemy that sane people want against them.

The weasel man didn’t seem bothered by Mistara’s snappy tone. He just sighed slowly through his nose and wiggled his nose before speaking. His voice was shrill, just like how she expected it. “The Guild Master has sent me. As you know already from the many messengers sent to your room, but the household of Blundas is out to get you. The Guild Master suggests and pushes you for a transferral.”

A cold feeling of ice washed over her back. Mistara’s eyes widened like saucer plates and her lips parted in emotion, breath hitching in her throat like a lodged fish hook. Of course he would say that! The guild master has been pushing her all day to go to the Red Hand. She bristled with anger, her cheeks turning even more red.

“Well how about you go tell that guild master that—“

Mr. Weasel lifted his palm quietly and calmly, his beady black eyes staring at her from the tip of his nose. “He is ordering you, Mistara Gudson. This is not up for debate. You shall pack your things tonight and leave by midnight. It’ll be an all night right and you’ll reach Red Hand by the next twenty four hours.”

“I—what?!” She yelled, standing up harshly from her bed. So much for a day or resting.

“Have a good evening, Mistara. Remember, don’t ignore orders from the guild master.” The man hummed, dipping his head in a polite bow before he was striding from her room. The door squealed shut behind him. She gaped with a furious expression, glaring so hard that she hoped that the guild master could feel her anger vibrating through the air.

No way will she ever be happy about this. The Assassin’s Guild is her home! Not some weird place called ‘Red Hand’.

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Writing E3 - More Less Detail

Jensen gritted his teeth painfully tight, nose curling in disgust. He could feel the heat of electricity running through his veins, his skull splitting at the migraine that was starting to hit him. His heart thundered in his chest. Sweat rolled down his upper lip and forehead, palms clammy and shaky.

He’s not coward. He never has been. But as he stared at the enemy up ahead of him, he couldn’t help but feel the churning knots of dread in his stomach. It was like someone gave him something bad to eat and it was now just starting to affect him. Bile rose in his throat and he gagged, ducking behind a cobbled wall just so no one would see him. He spilled his stomach out on the pavement and wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand.

Damn. I need to calm down. he thought, breath ragged. He sounded like a horse that just ran three miles.

He couldn’t calm down. Taking deep breaths just made him feel more shaky and counting to ten made his head hurt even more. Was this a supervillain that was making him this anxious? He doesn’t understand why he would be this sick over the thought of fighting an enemy. It’s not like this enemy is anything new, it’s just a low class villain with the ability to control fire.

But he was scared. And he hated it.

“Hey, hey. Jensen, the villain is about to move, when are you going to attack?” A crackle and fizz of his walkietalkie buzzed on his belt. His boss, Kyle, spoke on the end. He could still hear the rasp of cigar smoke in his voice along with the slur of alcohol.

I have to do this. Push through it. Jensen snarled to himself. He felt humiliated even if no one knows what he is feeling or even seeing him. He was disappointed and ashamed of himself.

Sighing, he ripped the device up to his lips. He snapped, “Im moving in for the attack now. Make sure to have the police there to lock the guy up when I am done.” There was no going back now.

Rave Reviews

Innovative, sincere, patient to a fault, Moonen has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. His characters are opportunistically flexible, detailed in both their design as well as their presentation, and Moonen themselves is an inspirational force to be reckoned with. Their energy and drive imbue others with a creative flow and they possess a flair for motivating the inner wordsmith. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Atheist
I haven't been RPing with Moonen for very long, but it feels impossible to even hold off a Kudos for longer than the time we have. They are just a lovely RPer! Moonen's attention to detail makes every reply entertaining to read and to reply to. He can convey so much in a few words, and there is so much to play off of. I haven't been able to enjoy a good fantasy RP for a good while now, and I thank Moonen for bringing that back :) Kudos, Moonen! Wonderful writer Long posts - AliRevellian

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