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I have been playing Furcadia for over 10 years now and I have been in and out of RP. I do enjoy it, though I can be somewhat picky with it.

Don't let this discourage you, we can discuss it and if it is the right fit, then we proceed, if not, I still like making friends :)

Though I will warn you now, that anything that happens in Furcadia, its only RP, I separate OOC and IC, if you can't do this, then I might not be the best RP partner for you. I like to have fun when I RP, that is all.

Rave Reviews

Ahhh MOQL! I love this woman for many reasons, the least of which being her talent for character development and roleplaying. She writes in ways that captivate you as a reader and make you want to interact with her characters no matter what the scene/plot/setting is. Outside of roleplay, she is a genuinely kind individual who tries her best to make everyone feel like they have a place in any community she is a part of. A wonderful writer and friend, you can't go wrong with her as a RP Partner - Caitlin
Encourager. Supportive. Loyal. She is the sole reason I still bravely fact the battle field ahead that always drives forward against me in this realm of Roleplay. I haven't been able to roleplay with her as much as I like. But I can tell you she is loyal to plots and very much of a encourager when you're down on you're luck. A great new addition to Arkaines and I hope she stays. It'd be cold without her warmth. - Michonne

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