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Some scars, never heal.


Rave Reviews

Mordos has been a lovely writing partner since we began our RP. His Halfling knight, Shamshir, is a gem of a creation. Our story has been a joy to read and respond to and I always look forward to his next post. Well thought out and articulate writings are this author's hallmark. He's also a wonderful person OOC. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DarkonDreams
Mordos is a fun and fantastic writter! Each of their responses are sure to bring a smile and a sense of adrenaline rush to anyone rping with them. While not all of our rps take off as we had anticipated, Mordos is that type of friend that you can chill with at the end of the day regardless of how things have gone into an RP. They are a good bunch to hang out with who is bound to be the heart of the party in any setting ^^, a must if you are seeking a wild rp filled with action and "action" =P Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - 0089

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