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Please do not send me a friend request unless we have talked! I will decline it!


I've been on RPR since 2010, and I've been known by several names during that time and will continue to be known under various other names for a long time afterwards. I am in a constant state of reinvention, and have emerged more than once with different areas of focus and interest, some of which will be retained or discarded within time.

I am whatever I want to be whenever I want to be it.

I can do the following:
  • Artist: I am an Illustrator, and I have experience with making Comics.
  • Bestiarist; Referencing real-world biology to come up with monster designs and to create things such as monsters, machines or most other things for that matter.
  • Cheesemonger; I know a lot about Cheese.
  • HEMA Re-enactor; I am a longsword fencer, training in the Italian School of Swordsmanship. I fight left-handed, and am familiar with both longsword and rondel dagger.
  • Linguist; BSL, French, German and a teeny bit of Dutch. I can read a few other languages too, mostly Romance-based languages like Latin and Italian. I also can understand a bit of Ancient Greek too. I'm also great at affecting accents.
  • Loremaster; I am somewhat of a historian, and can tell you about things that happened with reliability from Prehistory (including Pre-Hominid Earth), up until about the 1940s or so.
  • Pirate Captain: I am a Renaissance re-enactor specialising in Golden Age Piracy re-enactment, and an ambidextrous sword-user.

    Characters are under intensive Reworking for the foreseeable future. Any art featured on the profile is made by myself unless specified.


Rave Reviews

I'm so glad that I've gotten to know Mori recently! I am amazed with how much passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail she puts into her writing and characters. When it comes to her art, I'm in awe at the startling pace she's developing! - Claine
Mori has been a great mod of the unofficial RPR Discord server. She retains this friendly attitude with all of the members that are active in there, and helps keep the server active. Mori is also a very talented artist that isn't afraid to ask people for their opinions in order to improve upon her art -- which is admirable and a breath of fresh air when it comes to being able to discuss one's own advancement in their abilities. - FreeJayFly

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