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So, I suppose I have really been back to RP for a bit now. Time for a profile update!

I have a preference for paragraph style rp, and have recently re-discovered my lost muse. That means, sometimes the posts will become more novella in length. Just depends on the partner, content and situation. I find myself enjoying modern settings with fantasy, magic or supernatural elements, as I think my time in the 'past settings' has finished. I do still have the capability, just not as much interest.

Just a note: I do not accept blind friend requests. If we have not interacted, I will decline the request. So, if I haven't interacted with your main profile, you might want to send me a note before the request, so I don't just click 'nope.'

Preferences for rp:
  • 18+. No wiggle room there. - Friends, messages, anything. It just keeps it all straight for me.
  • NSFW scenes, I'm down. Be it physically intimate, non vanilla, or violence/gore.
  • Though, no rape, that is a trigger for me.
  • If you are interested in the adult themes in roleplay with me, just chat with me ooc about ideas, or what not. I'll tell you if something is too much.
  • Sorry, I can't rp with first person POV. Third person only please.
  • OOC communication is sort of a must for me. I don't expect a life story, but give me the courtesy of setting posting expectations or such up front, and be willing to at least let me know if life is going to make your posting slow or if we need to hold for xyz days.
  • I enjoy drama in RP. I enjoy this drama to unfold naturally. This sometimes means a bit of planning, but sometimes it means letting things flow for situations. It is important to me that OOC and IC not bleed together, as many of my characters say and do things that I would not IRL. It is important to my mental health to be able to keep these things separated and still enjoy the writing and story building. That being said, I am not opposed to OOC chat as previously noted. It is just important to have boundaries, and understand not everyone will be able to befriend me outside of RP purposes.

As a note, I am currently not accepting RP requests outside the group I help run with my friend Mipps. I love the group, The Order of the Black Rose, as it has given many of my characters a second lease in life, and has introduced me to new friends and RP writing partners.

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Rave Reviews

Morrigan has become a dear friend of mine over the last several months. She is super supportive, creative and a wonderful writer. She has been part of my RP group since launch and raised her hand quickly to become a moderator. She is kind, welcoming, patient and the best editor I've ever had. I am lucky to count her as a friend and part of my mod team <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Mipps
I've known Morri for about two weeks now, and in those two weeks, we've gotten on like a house on fire. Our writing styles mesh perfectly, we finish each other's plot ideas, and have become good friends already. So glad I ran into her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TimTowtiddy

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