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Para rp'er here. I've been roleplaying in text, both in and out of games, for many years. I've recently started to get back into it. I have a strong preference for playing female characters, as usually my male characters just don't feel genuine. That's about all I can think to add about the OOC me at the moment. Perhaps I will expand this at some point, but this is it for now.

Just a note: Friend requested me and I declined? That could be for a number of reasons, but the biggest is that I do not ever accept blind requests. Make an effort to talk to me first.

Preferences for rp:
  • 18+. No wiggle room there.
  • NSFW scenes, I'm down. Both physically intimate, non vanilla, and violence.
  • Though, no rape, that is a trigger for me.
  • If you are interested in the adult themes in roleplay with me, just chat with me ooc about ideas, or what not. I'll tell you if something is too much.
  • I play female characters, just to simplify things.
  • While I have some characters here, I do enjoy building one to better suit the story/setting, so if you like the way my current characters look, and have an idea you want to try to rp with me, lemme know.
  • Game to rp here or on Discord. :)
  • Sorry, I can't rp with first person POV. Third person only please.
  • OOC communication is sort of a must for me. I don't expect a life story, but give me the courtesy of setting posting expectations or such up front, and be willing to at least let me know if life is going to make your posting slow or if we need to hold for xyz days. Be aware, if I haven't gotten a post or heard from you in a month, your thread will be deleted./list]

Rave Reviews

Lady Irons (played by Morrigan)
Lady Irons is one of the most stern, direct, powerful characters I have had the luxury of roleplaying with. She is strong, powerful, sultry and knows exactly what she wants (not to mention what she doesn’t want). She takes on challenges and evens the playing field with ease with strong confident pairings. But don’t think for a second she doesn’t know how to woo and romance… This lady knows balance. Definitely high recommend. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - Mipps
Keira Byrne (played by Morrigan)
Keira is made of sweets and spice. She is full of sass, humor and emotional depth. She walks a dangerous line between innocent and dangerous. As she has become more involved with my character, that dark danger seems to grow every reply. She is a brilliantly designed character with clear growth. I have enjoyed our RP so much. Her player is very kind, understanding and great OOC conversation. Definitely have a go if you get the chance. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Mipps

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