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So much to say and so little characters to express it with! Morri is a gifted writer who brings so much excitement to my little heart with each post she sends my way. Her posts are always filled with detail and provide a means to keep the plot moving rather than staying at a standstill. Her characters are unique and have in-depth profiles, but still have an element of mystery about them which makes them all the more interesting. I cannot emphasise how wonderful she is, both in character and out! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Salazar
Keira Byrne (played by Morrigan)
Keira is made of sweets and spice. She is full of sass, humor and emotional depth. She walks a dangerous line between innocent and dangerous. As she has become more involved with my character, that dark danger seems to grow every reply. She is a brilliantly designed character with clear growth. I have enjoyed our RP so much. Her player is very kind, understanding and great OOC conversation. Definitely have a go if you get the chance. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - Mipps

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