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┌─────────── ∘°❉ For those investigating: ❉°∘ ───────────┐
If I sent you a friend request and we're not writing together or talking, you're part of my wishlist!
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╔═•● Roleplay status: ●•═╗
Open, picky!
Status meanings:

Open= will accept anything
Open, selective= will only accept ideas I like
Open, picky= will only accept craved, or similar ones to it
Open to discussion= semi-open, will need to talk about ideas
Closed= will not accept any new roleplays

╔═════════•● Craving: ●•═════════╗
Anything poly romance please


╔══════════════ஓ๑♡ About Me! ♡๑ஓ══════════════╗

Welcome to my profile!

I'm a roleplayer that's been roleplaying for about 7 years, starting on games online. After a year and a half I had moved onto the forums on CloudNovel, which sadly I may not be able to use after a possible hijacking, which is happening now. (Any CN users, DM me!)

I often spend my time drawing, roleplaying and exhausting myself by drawing and roleplaying too much. I also sometimes talk too much when trying to explain something short, as you can already see.

You can call me Mothunny, Moth, Bunny, Bun, Cheshire, Chess, Mitsu, Azzy, Nio or Nico. Lots of options! Call me whatever one you want.

Pronouns are they/them, please use them if you can, although if you're not used to calling someone by those, then you can call me he/him. Please, no she/her.

Some websites I am on are Scratch, RPnation (mostly inactive), CloudNovel (waiting for chaos to end), and Discord. I am open to telling people my accounts on those, but I won't be putting them here, since I like to know who's coming to talk to me when I'm messaged, but feel free to ask for my info if you have an account, too.

I am transgender (if you couldn't already tell), bisexual and polyamorous. If you're not comfy with those, then it would be best for you to not message or friend me.

I live with my family and go to school. If I talk to you about my family and home life, I am sure you'll hear plenty about my youngest sister. She is my baby.



┏━━━━━━━━•❃°•°❀ Roleplay Info! ❀°•°❃•━━━━━━━━┓

This is what you're here for, isn't it? Well, here's what you need to know:

- My favorite genres are fantasy, romance, parental, isekai, fluff, angst and some action.
- Roleplays I will not do are sci-fi (unless they're biology focused) and horror-focused.

- Other things I like in my stories are gods, Alice in Wonderland-themed worlds, other original worlds, original species, opposite or unexpected couples, bullying, and dark backstories. (You will not escape the backstories or nightmare scenes.)

- My post length runs from simple one-liners (although careful to have what's needed to continue) up to two paragraphs, although if you want to roleplay on Discord, I only go up to one paragraph, since I use it on my phone.
-If you want to rp semipara, beware. My posts fluctuate there.

- And like anyone else, I have rules. I will not roleplay harems (even if my character is the focus).

- All of my characters are currently anonymous, but if you would like to see a list of them, I will be happy to give them!

- I do not roleplay fandoms often, but ones that I will do are The Young Elites (Magiano forever), Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, Noragami and Percy Jackson (do not kill me if I get things wrong, it's been forever since I read it!)!



picking up dividers from here!

Mothunny's Characters

Mothunny either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Mothunny is amazing. They're patient, understanding and kind. Whether writing one-liners or going into paras, everything they do is well written and helps to progress the story. A great rper and a great person. I absolutely adore them, they're the best bunmotty I could ever ask for Kind and understanding Creative ideas - PhinaPhorus
I've been writing with Mothunny for a couple of years now, and our RP is still going strong! They have great ideas and are just an awesome person! Creative ideas Long-term partner - GigaBit

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