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Charmed, I'm sure

Warning and Disclaimers

[*] I am SUPER No bullshit - That's No bullshit with cape. I'll make your head spin with how fast I'm gone
[*] I'm Switzerland - You don't like someone? Don't be friends with them. Just don't presume to tell me what I can and cannot do with my friends
[*] Respect is everything - Cross that line, consider that bridge burned
[*] Communication is Key - Let's talk. Sometimes about real shit, sometimes about silly shit. Don't leave me hanging. I hate it.
[*] Get to know me before you talk shit about me. I've probably said worse about myself.

#IAmAnAdult * #RPER *#Poundsign * #DramaFree *#Music=Life *#Terrible@updating *#Leo *#The-Moon-is-a-Wolf

BFFS & Partners
My Queen✦ ✦My Soul✦ ✦My Wife✦ ✦My Squish✦ ✦My Brosef✦ ✦My Red String✦ ✦The Icon


My Schedule
I work a full time schedule - I am 100% available for Discord [Dynamite Girl #4730] RPs. In game- Furcadia RPs will follow the schedule below. All times are in PST

Monday: Available after 6:00PM
Tuesday: Available after 6:00PM
Wednesday: Available after 6:00PM
Thursday: Available after 6:00PM
Friday: Available after 6:00PM
Saturday: Mostly available all day
Sunday: Mostly available all day

I'm working on this. I'm terrible at Code, and being cool and what not. Talk to me. I'm sarcastic but friendly. I like to write.... I'm gonna go to my corner now

(14:10:01) Corvin: trying to put out that fire is like trying to get Kim Kardashian into a convent

Music will go here..


Rave Reviews

I should slap myself for not giving you kudos before now. Gigi isnt just an outstanding person, she's as down to earth and real as they come. Fiercely loyal, and someone I'm absolutely thrilled on every spectrum to have gotten so close to. Character building with you is as easy as breathing, and every character I've had the pleasure of RPing with is out of this WORLD. I can't wait for many more adventures together, in not IC and OOC. 💘 - Caroline
Oh, my dearest wife. What would I do without you? My heart and my soul, you are there for me when others have failed. Not only do our RPs resonate on a deep and emotional level, so do we. I love you with all that I am and you are my everything. Your writing is captivating and mesmerizing, leaving me wanting more forever and a half. I don't know what I would do without you, my wife. I never want you to go. - Kirasha

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    So years ago when we became friends we had no idea it would lead to one of our favorite pairs as characters. Fast forward a few years away hiatus wise and one phone call leads to a massive plot and writing reunion! She is one of the few long term partners I have and always will. With her beautiful twisted mind she feeds and feeds into some of our best plots ever! Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 5 days 7 hours ago)
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