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All picture images I use for my profiles are not mine. They are all of their respected owners and if any wish for me to not use their pictures anymore then they can let me know.

There are a great many things in my life that I regret, but this site is not one of them.

This Is me and this is who I am.

Working from 11am to 8 pm permanent saturdays off. That's when I am free to spend plenty of time.

I've been roleplaying for say almost a couple of years now and I've learned to roleplay with the tips from my roleplay partners to make the fun even more enjoyable. Please don't be shy and shoot me a pm. I'm a nice person and I love to make new friends even if they have little experience at roleplaying or are just brand new here like I am. But if that hasn't enticed you yet here's a few of the role plays I like to do:

””sci-fi (still don't know how to properly)

Nicknames: NecroFalcon(if a close friend you can call me this.), bird(same as the one before), Falcon, Falc, Feather(Wilted Roses only), Falco, Buppy (only Felicia_Marie2000)

Random fact: my horoscope is Cancer. it's a crab.

Favorite bands: Set It off , Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed , and others I'll list later.


Music that I listen to...

My Art:


Rave Reviews

Oh what can I say, the guys has great plots, a great way of planning everything our so the story sticks together. He is such a kind hearted and adorable fluff ball you just wanna squeeze! He really makes it easy for you to jump into a group RP! We have talked one on one and find we have a lot of similar things, it's almost scary. I really hope we can continue to be great friends and have a great time! - Sweet_Little_Sock
MrFalcon is an all around great Role Player and a great person! Always apologizing for mistakes, and always making an RP Plot interesting, this is someone to really be appreciated! - TardisCatTwo

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