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IMPORTANT NOTE: I am on the autism/aspergers spectrum. High functioning mind you, but still. Because of that I suffer from various degrees of depression, anxiety, paranoia, stress, and I guess you could call it "forgetfulness". Just putting that out there to hopefully avoid any....situations.



Just an old school gamer. I used to do a ton of text based RP back in the mid-late 90s, and now I'm back. Here's hoping I'll have as much fun here as I did in the old place.

Otherwise I'm actually a rather shy reserved person and don't like talking too much about myself. Earn my trust and I might open up a bit more.

I now have a DISCORD! if you wanna chat there, PM me here first ok?


A little PROJECT I am working on!

A NOTE ON WHAT I DO IN RP: I'm pretty much up to try almost anything. I prefer action, sci-fi, and fantasy, but am willing to try any other genre. That being said I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING EROTIC! Ever. Don't ask. The closest thing I'll do is a fade to black. I'll do extreme violence, but not sex. Just no. That being said (again), it does not mean I will not RP with people who enjoy that stuff. I just won't do it.

An albino Saiyan Scientist.
A tanky super hero called Mr. Titan
A "end boss" Pokemon trainer/scientist.
A Warhammer 40k character (Possibly an Inquisitor, Chaos Lord/Sorcerer, or Space Marine Captain).
A "wizard" from the Frostgrave game.

Rave Reviews

I have not laughed so much in a long time, Stick's characters are awesome and I am so excited to do more RP with them! I don't know where anything is going and I hope to never find out, it'd ruin the fun. <3 - Sarvigothe
Mr_Stick is a real sweetheart! He's always polite and kind, genuinely caring, supportive and encouraging. His characters are very unique and well thought out. He's a blast to talk to, inspirational and someone I look up to a lot. He's also the best big brother ever! I <3 you big time brother bear! - SylOfficial

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