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I started RPing March 2009.

My posts vary from 3 sentences to roughly 100+ sentences depending on how involved I am in running the story.

I am in the Pacific Time Zone and am not a morning person so please take that into account when RPing with me.

I put a lot of time and effort into my characters (mainly fairyland) and several of my characters have been in my head for years before I made their profiles (mostly the other characters, Victor, Kikuto and the cat-boy Neko.) I do not have the best spelling skills but I do try very hard to make use of spellcheck and to attempt to write understandable posts when I RP.

I expect others I RP with to put in some effort to spell words correctly and write sentences that are understandable. I try to make a best guess most of the time, but if something is really off in a post I'll asked Out Of Character ((OOC)) if I need clarification.


RPing with me works best if you try to follow the suggestion below.

Write more like this:

The umber cainine perked her ears and tilted her head in puzzlement at the fox's rediculous request. How dare he ask such a thing of her! Didn't he know she was a princess?! She turned away in a huff growling, "The indecency of peasants!"

Instead of like this:

hobs arund hi can i be yur fiend pls? *hugs u*

The second post is not wrong or bad side from having spelling mistakes ('hobs' was my own mistake, the others were for effect), but it is hard for me to reply to this style of RPing than full sentences with mostly correct spelling and punctuation, quote marks around dialogue and a lack of asterisks around words unless needed for emphasis or to refer to an OOC comment that will follow the RP post.

What happens if you ignore this and RP like the 'don't do this' example:

<img src="">

Rave Reviews

Absolutely wonderful player! Her characters are so well-thought-out, and she has a fantastic consistency with them. Character ideas are unique and exciting, and her posts are a wonderful paragraph length that always gives me multiple things to respond to, which makes my posts bigger as well! I would highly recommend RPing with her! - CelestinaGrey
I've been RPing with Ms for several years now...mainly because I get so busy that I can't post as much as I'd like! But through it all, she has been super understanding, super patient, and the world she creates is always phenomenal to immerse myself in!! :D - CelestinaGrey

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