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I never knew it was her, until she reminded me. And proved it truthfully with these recent interactions. I have Grimfell to thank on finding each other again but there's not a instant that I regret it, because if anybody has brought my "spark" to a "roaring" fire of muse to roleplay once more, it's her. Thank you so much, looking forward to all these roleplays I doubt I can even keep up with my friend. Love you! Drives the plot forward Long-term partner - Michonne
Who knew I've known you as long as I have? You did first it seemed. Never knew I had a fan for so long in Furcadia but I'm very heavily touched by your heavy desire to reconnect in ways that I probably won't forget ever in my life. Supportive, loving, graceful and touching. I'm so thankful to have reconnected to you and so eager to see our plots come to fruitition. Fast responses Long-term partner - Michonne

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