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Welcome to my profile, I've had it for quite some time now but there's some updated info that I'm glad to say is finally here for you all to read. Though for those of you who are already familiar with me here it isn't too much of a change from anything else I've had as some do's and dont's.


Please just refer to me as Mytho, unless I've granted you the knowledge of knowing my IRL name of course! I am in my early twenties at the moment (exact age is above) and a transmale (he/him/his pronouns) with a baby on the way, so that and spending time with my partner will take up quite a bit of my free time, which I'm sure many of you other adults surviving adulting understand!

But I still dedicate time to my writing, as it is one of my biggest passions; Especially in the romantic fantasy setting, I adore it and would love to even write my own books pertaining to the two genres some day! I'm also very interested in dark fantasy as well as cyberpunk, however. Though I am open to most types of genres and settings, so don't ever hesitate to shoot me a message- I love to broaden my horizons in the writing world.

I also only write in third person point of view, it just flows better for me and I always appreciate a partner who can also write in third person POV as well. It just helps the story to read more as a proper story in my opinion, but all the more power to those who can understand other points of view easily!

Read me!
While I do write in the romance setting I cannot stress this enough: Any and all romance is strictly between our characters. If I feel you are trying to push those boundaries, begin to make inappropriate remarks OOC, etc simply because our characters may grow intimate or affectionate within the story(ies) we write I will end all plotting/writing with you.

I write because it is a passion and I love to befriend those with similar interests/passions, not because I'm looking for romance in my life. I have a wonderful partner who I love, and who I am faithful to. If you can't keep these boundaries then please do not contact me for any form of RP.

Jokes about characters, gushing over characters, etc doesn't count!!! I just mean any comments made about the two of us as writers, those will not be tolerated and I will shut it down immediately.


Feel free to message me even if it isn't about RP or writing though! If you think we could just get along swell as friends then shoot me a message, I'll respond to all messages as I'm able to throughout the week :) I have tons of other hobbies and interests besides just writing, after all!

Hobbies and interests!

- Acrylic painting
- Collecting fantasy figurines/figures
- Mycology & Foraging, I'm still a beginner so learning new stuff all the time about IDing fungi!
- Mythology of all sorts
- Reading, when I'm able!
- Sketching
- Movies and music!
- Anime, though I need to find more time to watch some more

What I won't tolerate

- Any form of racism or prejudice
- Any form of LGBTQIA+ hatred
- Any bullying, harassment or excessive negativity of any sort! I, and many others, are here for the fun and loving side of this community, not to be targeted by unnecessary angry folks
- Any inappropriate questions regarding myself, my partner, or the both of us (we're both LGBT+ so felt this was necessary to state)

The point? I'm always down for OOC chat and banter as well! I promise I'm friendlier than my profile might make me look ;u;

Now into the writing part of it all!

I love in-depth stories and RP partners who do as well! I love to really feel and write out the emotion of a scenario, to really have to think of what my character's next move could possibly be, to feel out their reactions! Don't be afraid to add in all sorts of details, I'm here for it all.

Paragraph format, multiple paragraphs (3-6+, for me it varies from 3-6 or more depending on my muse and what I have to work with within the current scene). I don't do one liners or a single paragraph roleplays because they do not keep my interest, and that's nothing against players who do write that way! It just isn't for me, personally.

I do not write with anyone under the age of 18! I'm an adult and writing with any minor is simply beyond uncomfortable, and I please ask that you don't lie about your age when contacting me (or anybody!)! Lying about your age runs the risk of getting many people into trouble, including yourself!

Please understand that in my current state I may delay for longer periods of time than I mean to; I'm pregnant with my first and it's been a lot adjusting to the changes, and of course most of my free time is oriented towards my partner (especially while we apartment hunt!). But I know that many of you understand, and as always your patience is greatly appreciated!

Many of my characters will be getting updated and many small updates will be made to my profile here as needed, but I look forward to getting back out there into the world of writing and creating storeis that I and others can fall in love with writing!

Rave Reviews

Why haven't I given you kudos yet? It is beyond me. Well, now when I have finally come to it, I have nothing but praise for this person. I don't even really know what to say. Even though our rp didn't last long I enjoyed it very much, in fact I loved it. You have such a unique way of writing there is captivating, and our OOC talks are the best! I am always happy when I see and read your messages. You're a true friend. <3 - ChocolateIceCream
I just started RPing with this guy and I already love him and his style already!! His characters are magnificent and he is very creative and kind. :) I suggest becoming friends with him or RPing with him, maybe even both! - FallingSTARISH

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