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Discord: Neight92#4674

Ever since I lost contact with my old friend I haven't been able to find a good RP partner.
She's the one that got me into RP in the first place... Tried finding her on IMVU, but either she had no memory of those years or... I don't know. Someone else on her account? It bugs me...

I only do original TPs, original worlds, no fandom fanfiction nonsense... Except maybe a U.C. Gundam RP.

Anyway, I'm a gamer, writer and roleplayer. So if you want to try something more along the lines of a TRPG? Sure... I'll even make a new character for it. But outside of that? Just RP, no dice roles... Play on words.

So if you're reading this? And if you still want to RP with me? Message me.

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend N8D92!

Did you remember to explain why your friend is awesome?

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