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Please read my profile to see if I'd make a good RP partner for you.
While you can ask further about my personal preferences, they are non-negotiable.

Perceive me not as you think I am but as I say.
Moss welcomes me as I embrace entropy.
The earth will remember my truth,
for these bones refuse to lie.
About Me
I'm Nein. He/Him or They/Them works fine. I use CT for a time zone.

I'm an artist in my late 20's and have been RP'ing for about ten years now, but I know there will always be plenty to learn.

I tend to be introverted and reclusive, so I do not accept random friend requests or invitations. Let me be the one to reach out to do so or at least discuss it with me first, respectively.

Writing is a form of art to me and I may personally mix styles or write "incorrectly" on occasion. So as long as it's all legible and understandable it's fine to have your own way of storytelling so long as it doesn't contrast too much with your RP partners.

I will always play my characters true to their nature.
Looking For Group: No | Looking For Roleplay: No
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  • Dice: Occasional
  • Post Length: Adjustable
  • Tense: Past (depends, may use a mix of others)
  • Perspective: Third (depends, may use a mix of others)
  • RP Partner Preference: Adult (18+)
  • Character Thoughts/Spoilers: Prefers to find out/share IC
  • Characters: Adaptable for different settings
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✔️ Whitelist (Feel Free)
  • Just about any sort of content unless listed otherwise
  • Pretty much any genre
Greylist (Ask Me)
  • Harm/Injury to my characters
  • Taking things from/touching my characters
  • Making art of myself and/or my characters, gifts or otherwise
Blacklist (Don't Ask)
  • Erotic Role-Playing
    While intimacy can make for a good story and help with character development, many people abuse it and use it as a feature and not as a perk. I'm here to RP, and I do not consent to help someone get their rocks off. There's other sites people can go to for that kind of shit.
  • CNS/Eye Gore (Traumatic head/spine/eye injury is okay as long as it's only vague and generalized in description)
⛔ Violate my blacklists and you'll be blocked at the very least. ⛔
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✔️ Likes:
  • Application of real-world research and knowledge
  • Balance of action/drama and slice-of-life
  • Character development
  • Consequences to actions (good and/or bad)
  • Leaving direct actions open-ended so the responder has choices (i.e. "X tries to hit Y" instead of "X hits Y")
  • Natural development of emotions and escalation of events
  • Semi-realism
  • Soft/Hard/Theoretical Sciences
  • Any sort of unsolicited suggestions/help/criticism without being un-rhetorically, explicitly, directly, asked
  • Overpowered characters (godly characters can be played right, but it's rare)
  • Laziness. Please do at least basic research/thought for your own characters and such
  • Over-the-top/unreasonable/unrealistic character personalities
  • Relying too heavily on character alignments and tropes
  • Griefing
  • Godmodding
  • Metagaming
  • Powerplaying
Thoughts regarding representation of real-world groups etc. in RP

Real-world cultures/disabilities/religions/etc. are fine to use as important storytelling tools regardless of your own relation to the groups, but I have a very, very particular dislike towards their misrepresentation.

When researched and represented properly it shows respect towards these groups, but when misrepresented they will upset and even cause harm to these groups. Ignorance is not an excuse and they should never be used as a "character quirk" because you think they're "cute" or "funny". Real people are a part of these groups and they deserve proper respect- except hate groups, of course. Follow the site's TOS on that one.

Just please, please do your research and at least get the basics for these things down before you use them for a character. This honestly applies to everything in general, such as occupations, animals, etc. Using them as inspirations or having alternate tellings is fine as well so long as it's clarified somewhere if you can.
Picarto | YouTube

Inactive Sites

I am no longer using the following sites due to usage of AI, shady practices, and overall terrible interactions with the userbase, but I do still have accounts. I may update some things like my commission status on Twitter, but the rest are to be followed at your own risk.

Twitter/"X" | DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Twitch

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Do not redistribute, recreate, or redesign.

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