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edit by me- don't steal or use.

RP requests are currently open.

In addition, you must be 18+ at the very least in order to RP with me, especially if the roleplay contains any profanities or content that is not suitable for younger audiences. Vulgar themes containing r*pe, self-harm, etc are strictly forbidden in my case. Lastly, I am adv lit+ when it comes to my roleplaying style, although I can always adjust to lit/semi-lit roleplays, depending on the content and plot. That's all! 🦭

You will find that most of my characters use mainly k-pop or BTS related face claims, although their identities are twisted to fit my personal tastes and imagination. Furthermore, all of my characters are currently WIPs, and this is why they aren't displayed on my profile. Should you find yourself curious nonetheless, all you must do is to shoot me a quick PM and ask. <3

My timezone is GMT+1, so if you find that your timezone is completely different and we happen to be roleplaying, and my posts come in at the weirdest of times for you, then it is most probably the weird difference between our times. That being said, I am quite the night owl and some roleplay posts may arrive at a convenient time for you.

When it comes to roleplaying, I tend to go for making my personal rp posts as simplistic yet as aesthetic as possible. My writing is often detailed and formal, although this can always change depending on the character i'm using. I do tend to add small hints of humour into my posts in order to keep my rp partner entertained, so hopefully you will enjoy that.

Lastly, if we do happen to get into a rp, i'd like to ask you to simply tell me if you lose interest in our plot/rp. Honesty is often the most appreciated, especially since I detest just sitting here and wondering if the plot will progress on. And, of course, my replies will never be half-assed, so I expect the same from my rp partner.

Rave Reviews

Flo is an amazing individual whose posts are always very detailed. Her characters are very unique and realistic. She is an amazing person and a friend in general. If you are looking for a good role player she is right here.

Love ya my potato chip xx - Aklime
This person is an incredible role player and a good friend. IF you are ever in need of a drama filled role play then she is the person to go to. I give kudos to her because I've known her for a short while and over that time I've learned to love her. She is very kind and will always join a good roleplay if she sees one. The posts she makes are long, and contain a wonder of information. If you ever want to get into a good roleplay with a good plot, she's the girl to go to. - TeaAndTae

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