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Sometimes I wonder if it be best to just not fill out a profile with information and instead fill it with art. I tend to express and give more clarity through my art both written and otherwise. That being said I figure if I am ever gonna get anyone to give me a shot, I gotta give yall something to work with, so that being said... Lets just give a basic run down. Most call me Natt, I am also known by other names, but honestly Natt is the one that is known online mainly. I am a long-standing Rper, who has been doing such for quite awhile. Even before SWG. And certainly before this site was created. I mainly enjoy free-lance rping and tend to be more comfortable once I get to understand my partner/partners, and they in turn the same. I consider myself pretty decent overall when it comes to writing but do note that I struggle with grammar and don't enjoy the idea of others judging my creativity and efforts off my burdens. I only ask that if you do rp with me that you give me the opportunity to do my best and if I make a mistake that I myself do not catch, that you either politely inform and or just give me the benefit of the doubt. That being said, If we come to an accord and both are just as passionate and interested, trust and believe what I will give you, will be nothing short of magic.

I am an artist in real life and work as a lead/head artist for a table top gaming company, I also do commissions for miniatures and other mediums. I guess I can mention I am a Assistant Manager Covid Tester for a covid clinic. Yes I am busy, but once I get an rp started, I am very dedicated to such. So by all means- send your requests, ask me about my characters( Yes I have many, and most will probably not be just put up on here, so by all means ask. ) And please don't feel intimidated- I have much to offer and do not doubt the same of any of you.....Note to self-Probably post a few pieces of art later and or show some if asked.

Second Note- If you block me. For no reason at all. And do not inform me why, I will happily give myself a reason to get creative. I will always express why, If I was to ever block anyone. I will never hide or be a coward about it. And that's a promise. So I expect the same respect back.

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