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P.S: To anyone who is currently waiting on a response, I'm sorry for the delay. I'm either excruciatingly tired or busy. I'll get back to you all soon.

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Abbey here is a great joy to RP with! I enjoy her characters a ton, and enjoy their plot points and their progression and changes they under go and the battles and hardships they must face. I really enjoy her writing style and how her characters are always doing something and always leaves you with something to work off of. I am really glad to have gotten the chance to rp with her~ - Section
I think I might have given kudos to her already but, blah.
Nav... Is... The... BEST! Dear GOD! She asked for rp with me on MULTIPLE rp prompts I posted on the forums, and currently is rping with me with a VERY long rp. To be honest, I thought it was going to die very quickly, but she knew how to keep adding new things to keep things cool! She's funny, nice, caring, and is a DEFINITE YES, to rp with! - CoyBoat275

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    Wonderful. Each time I get a response back from them, RP or OOC, I absolutely love it. I get excited. They are super super super nice and sweet, plus understanding. Their writing style leaves me speechless and I’m always wondering why they don’t have like, a billion kudos. XD If you want a friend or a great RP partner, here is someone who won’t let you down. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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