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P.S: To anyone who is currently waiting on a response, I'm sorry for the delay. I'm either excruciatingly tired or busy. I'll get back to you all soon.

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Why haven't i done this yet. Kat/abbey is an awesome friend. She was there for me when i felt no one wasn't. She and others regained my happiness to a pretty sustainable amount. So if you come across her please rp and be friends with her you won't regret it! - BattleLoid
Everyone gather around, I'm gonna tell you all about my friend Nav here. Are you ready? Probably. OKAY. SO. Nav. First of all, your pacing is on point. You know when to make a part of a scene fast and when to slow it down. Please never lose that. Another thing... Why are you so nice? Like, seriously, if I have an issue, you know what to say and it just??? How??? - Light_Of_Love

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