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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: October 15


I will not be as active on the weekdays anymore, I will be doing a lot of roleplaying on the weekends, however... This doesn't mean that you cannot send a reply or chat with me on the weekdays, it just means my responses won't be as quick as they used to, chances are they'll be a few hours late. Again, I'm not stopping roleplaying, however, I will not be as active during the weekdays.

Hey... So, I've edited my characters countless times, but I'm going to try to go into even more detail about them! So... it'll be a while before I finish their profiles, but don't worry! This won't mean me taking time off of roleplaying, I don't think I can, really! ^^


Currently, I'm mostly done editing my characters. However, I will be making minor changes and maybe changing the stylization of their profiles, I'm not going to be making any major changes to them. And... I'm back into roleplaying, yay!


The Facts
As most of you probably already know, I'm a huge writing addict. I live for the adventure of writing, really. I write... pretty much daily and I can't find myself going without it, actually. I've improved greatly on my writing and I'm MUCH more confident in it. Writing is literally my addiction... Literally. I think I need help.

Drawing, isn't as much of an addiction as writing is, but I still live for the fun of it. I love seeing what others can create, and honestly... seeing those things inspires me. Though I'm not too confident in my drawing skills, I do believe that I'm getting better and that's what's motivating me to continue drawing, because quite frankly, I've felt like giving up. But... I'm glad I haven't.

I'm very organized. I have folders(on the RPR)for active roleplays, inactive roleplays, chats, and group chats. On my computers files, I have image files for every single one of my characters, inside of an RPR file, that are in alphabetical order.... And inside each of the characters files are four folders; one for their real life pictures, one for their quotes, one for their anime(modern) pictures, and one for their anime(medieval) pictures... I drive my closest friends insane with how organized I am.

I've... been told that I'm an amazing cook, so why the hell not involve it in here? I cook... a lot. And I love it, and it's the same with baking. I love being in the kitchen in general, actually. There's something about cooking that's... magical, in a way.

Apparently, I have a gift for taking your ordinary everyday thing and making it seem like the most special thing in the world... Huh... Weird.

I. Love. Wolves. They are just... absolutely amazing. From their hunting tactics to the way they run their packs... it's just amazing. They're never alone, they take power in numbers, they fight together... They really just amaze me. I'm just... speechless over them.

Anyways, that's all I have to share. If you'd like to know more, you can get to know me even BETTER than you have already by DMing me.


Where Else to Find Me
Instagram: dead._.nav

Wattpad: Nav_Reads


Good Bye!


Rave Reviews

  • I think I might have given kudos to her already but, blah.
    Nav... Is... The... BEST! Dear GOD! She asked for rp with me on MULTIPLE rp prompts I posted on the forums, and currently is rping with me with a VERY long rp. To be honest, I thought it was going to die very...
    -- CoyBoat275
  • You know...

    If you want Drama, Nav_Kat's got it. Romance? Got that too. She's such a detailed, multi-dimension role-player, not to mention that she's such a cool person. I'm kinda in love with her characters. I can't tell you anymore, 500 characters don't really...
    -- Doctor_Death

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