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Hi hi, my name's Nebbie !

Roleplay Interests:
-Always romance! I could do platonic/found family RPs but romance is my favorite.
-Supernatural/fantasy/slice of life roleplays are some of my favorites.
-You will always get me interested in a roommate/people stuck together RP hahah.

Current Fandoms I will jump to RP with:
I’m also looking for anyone. ANYONE at all interested in roleplaying for the following fandoms! I’m okay with any type of ship for these (mxm, fxf, fxm), but I prefer canon/canon ships only. I have a few ideas for each one but I’ll PM them if anyone at all is interested in these:
-Dead by Daylight
-League of Legends
-Overwatch (Preferably MeiHem but will definitely accept just about anything)
-Rise of the Guardians (Jack/Bunny/Pitch or just two of those.)
-Don't Starve Together
-One Punch Man
-Most sports anime (aside from KnB...)

As for general RP/writing info, I:
-Am a multi-para writer
-Am okay writing any gender/relationship.
-NO SMUT! At all! It's not something I want to be writing personally, at least not yet.
-I'm on mobile a lot! But because I do multi-para I rarely, if ever, reply to RPs on my phone. However I'm always down to just have a conversation instead so if you have anything to ask about RPs I usually respond pretty fast!

Rave Reviews

Nebbie's such a cool person.

I'm in love with their character, Tess- who's the sweetest, most silly little bean I've ever met! You can really tell how much effort they puts into the dialog- it's like they become their character. Role-playing with Nebbie is so nice- manageable lengths, amazing characters, and continuation of plot. I love it! - ShatteredGlass
She is a very, very impressive roleplayer- her responses are all really well thought out and it is never a struggle trying to find something to respond to. Her character, Estral, is also a very deep and interesting character and such a cinammon roll, that it never boring with the roleplay. - Birdy99

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