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Hi! I am Laura. I am your every day artist, nerd, bookworm, horror movie aficionado and general roundabout ball o' awkward. I love music, to the point where I have a hard time functioning without having something playing as background noise.
I will listen to anything except radio country, and if for any reason any of my characters remind you of a song, please shoot me a youtube link! Or if you just have a song stuck in your head that you feel like inflicting on someone else. I am ALWAYS looking for new things to listen to!

And I don't bite, feel free to say hi!

By unaclar on tumblr.

You'll notice a lot of my characters share connections with one another. This is because I very rarely actively RP and most of my characters are all based out of the same 'headworld,' and have a large, ongoing, intertwined storyline in my head that one day I'll eventually sit down, write, and turn into an international best-selling series of novels*.
* in my dreams maybe.

+ I RP on a game called Furcadia.
+ I am in the Eastern Standard Time zone.
+ Whisper to make sure I'm at the computer before posting in the main window.

► I AM WHISPER FRIENDLY. However, I am a bit shy and will rarely whisper first. Be nice to me, and I'll be nice to you! C: (However, getting random whispers of people pseudo-RPing - ie: *licks*, *hugs* etc., makes me super uncomfortable!)

► QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! I don't go for huge posts; I rarely manage to post more than a full paragraph in Furcadia's Times New Roman-esque font. I vastly prefer concise posts that further the plot versus giant walls of filler. However, if you happen to write novels that are engaging and further the plot, be my guest! Just don't expect the same amount in return.

► IC DRAMA IS ONE THING, and can spice up an RP. OOC Drama is another, and I want nothing to do with it. I am quick to ignore.

► IN-CHARACTER IS NOT THE SAME thing as Out Of Character. These two do not mix. I am not my character; my character is not me. Please do not take my character's thoughts/feelings and words personally!

► PLEASE BE 18+ OOC AND 16+ IC. I am an adult and I expect you to be, as well. I do not shy away from violence and foul language in RP -- or foul language OOCly. I would much rather deal with people my own age versus having to watch my mouth around someone under 18. I also am uncomfortable when someone brings a character under the age of 16-18 into an RP unless the character is played extremely well.

► NO GOD-MODING OR POWER PLAYING, please. I will not one-hit-kill your character, I will not control your character. Please afford me the same respect. c:

► IN-CHARACTER ACTIONS result in In-Character Consequences. My characters are loosely consented - meaning that just about anything is okay, as long as it makes sense within the plot. However, for severe mutilation of a character, please consult me OOCly first! c: I also really don't want my characters to die anytime soon.

► MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN! That's what everyone on this game is here for! c: If you don't think our RP is working out, then just let me know. I won't take offense. Sometimes it's just a bad day, a bad scene, or general character incompatibility. No big deal, and no hard feelings!


Rave Reviews

I don't think I can even begin to fully express how awesome Necro is in just 500 characters. She's an absolutely amazing writer that can bust out wall-o-texts (as we like to jokingly call it) that will keep you beyond interested in any of her characters. As for her characters? I have never to this date rped with anyone who has even come close to the unique characters that she has created and rps. Each one honestly feels like the brain child of another person! Love you, girl! :D - WhitewashWithAcid
This girl right here is AMAZING, someone I've had the pleasure of knowing for years. She's seen me through a lot of tough times, and never failed to put a smile on my face. Her creativity knows no bounds - she's my favorite artist and I'll never get tired of reading anything she writes. And her characters? Don't even get me started! Ranging from eerie and unsettling to attractive and admirable, she always leaves me wanting to know more about them. - Mew

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