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Been breaking hearts since 1989

Cakey or Cat
Closed or Retired
By an amazing man as of 8-14-2018

Favorite Colors
Neon orange, Pink & Vibrant teal
The tidbitsl
"Meow see...meow."
" We all have pasts that most of us learn from and I am no different. I'm here to create and write magic, you're welcome to join just leave the drama at the door. Don't worry you can always pick it up on your way out."
6am-2pm five to six days a week
♕It's What I do♕


Creator & owner of the Pixion
Creator & owner of the Dapple Deers
Creator & co-owner of the Kitsunuki
O.G Creator & co-owner of the Suesai


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Rave Reviews

This chick lives and breathes plot; she's always eager to contribute to a story line and never disappoints with her vast imagination and plethora of characters, each of which is intriguing with a beautiful and unique personality. Fair warning though, she's a little weird--honestly though the best ones always are. ;> - corivana
Sweet, sweet Cat! <3 Always a fountain of ideas and beautiful designs, roleplay, and chat. You want to plot with someone that is able to adapt to any scene and style, this here is your girl. Her closed species are amazing, detailed and stunning. Her brain works in awesome ways. Through the many, many years I have known Cat she has never been not-honest to me. She has earned a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to see what life brings us, both IC and OOC! - Sundae

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    First off let me say Moondog is literally the bomb! She is creative, outgoing and down right beautiful inside and out! I have always loved her Zykla race I maybe envious of them ;>.>. Her creativity can't be me I've tried! Besides all of this though she literally is the kindest person I know. Let's not forget you need a good laugh just hit her up she's got something. Great sense of humor Creative ideas
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