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Been breaking hearts since 1989

Cator Neko
♕Closed Rps-Storylines or Retired♕
By an amazing man as of 8-14-2018

♕Favorite Colors♕
Neon orange, Pink & Vibrant teal
♕The tidbitsl♕
"Meow see...meow."
" We all have pasts that most of us learn from and I am no different. I'm here to create and write magic, you're welcome to join just leave the drama at the door. Don't worry you can always pick it up on your way out."
6am-2pm five to six days a week
♕It's What I do♕


Creator & owner of the Pixion
Creator & owner of the Dapple Deers
Creator & co-owner of the Kitsunuki
O.G Creator & co-owner of the Suesai


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An iron fist in a velvet glove: leave it to Cat with her raw elegance, messiah truths and grit to remind us the divine is full of monsters, her characters are smoke and mirrors, tantric and enticing in all the right ways. The way she explores the visceral of the human condition--plays her hand with beautiful written creations ( half human-half beast; just as we all are. ) is something I will always desire. - wilts
One of the best damn RPers I've met! Not only is she that, but she's also and awesome friend! I'm really glad to have met her and I look forward to all of our future Role-plays and brains storming. Her brain-childeren are definitely something to envy! If you know what's good for you, you'll RP with this chick! <3 - Boe

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