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Been breaking hearts since 1989




W A R N I N G --- I bite...

I've been creative writing since 2002.
I'm here to do just that...creative write.
I have only one character I play now "in game" as a main.
Unless you are already rping with pervious one's do not ask about them.
I'm aware I'm not everyone's cup of tea.
It's not hard be adult about it.
I have ZERO tolerance for bullies, elitist mentalities or those that like to “play” the victim card.
I'm not here to listen to you "KAREN" about other characters or players.
☆I I D D☆ "You matter don't forget that."
Mental Health is a very real.

Cat or Neko

Creator & Owner of The World of The Riftling
Creator & Owner of the species within this world; Pixion, Triane & Ullarie.
Creator/Owner of the Dapple Deers (officially closed since 2020)
Creator/Owner of the Kitsunuki
Original Creator now co-owner of the Suesai
(Now owned by Rollikins)

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Rave Reviews

This lovely lady. Her characters are lovely, and her personality lovely to boot. I'm a lucky player to roleplay and enjoy her company. You rock :D - Nelianelly
This lady, how have I not given kudos!? She's so sweet and kind, an easy person to befriend. Such a big heart and a wonderful way with conversation. We haven't RPed yet together but I am so eager for the day! Slushy has a vivid imagination which leaves no web unwoven or detail unaccounted for. All of her characters are beautifully constructed in a fashion that sets them aside from all others. I love the Slushy! I can't wait to make stories with her. - Mina

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