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Hi there!

An average person who just has been watching a lot of weird movies and shows that really wanted to try some in a roleplay. I am seeking for the type of persons who would like to, since currently I have very little persons to roleplay and even so they are mostly in the NSFW side of the coin for sex. Not a problem but I wanna extend my options too so even if I do mentioned sexual roleplays. Read my characters (or HUBs) They are not created for that.

HEY!!! Don't even friend me just like that. I am here mostly to roleplay and even if I will do OOC I only will do it with the persons with who I roleplay to keep a good communication, so just send a message for a start (they are open to everyone so is not hard) if you wanna give a shot to how I roleplay and see if we can fit.

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