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I've been gaming for a long time, up one side of the gaming genres and down the other. I started with D&D, and I've played upwards of 100 different tabletop game types since then. More than a decade ago I helped run a WoD MUSH as the lead werewolf ST, so text RP is like a second skin to me.

Rave Reviews

Nero is, simply put, a wonderful roleplayer. I was very impressed with both characters I played with (Zilethipereskis and Wenals) and how natural they seemed to behave. Each post he makes is fun to read, and you're never left feeling like you have little to work with. Not only that, but he's incredibly patient and understanding! One of the best roleplayers I've had the pleasure of playing with. So thanks for that, buddy. :) - MadRatBird
Zilethipereskis (played by Nero)
It's difficult to imagine a character that would make a better foil for my illithid Aethaerraent. Given their insane egos, they'll never be closer than a pair of toddlers, that age group famous for doing the same activity in the same room without acknowledging one another. And yet these two somehow manage to engage in continual hyjinx.

Awesome to see such absurd power played responsibly, with an eye (HA HA BEHOLDER JOKE) to making sure everyone else is having fun rather than just flexing. - Kim

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