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The short introduction
Denmark · 25 years old · She/her · BA in Latin, doing my MA
MxM · Currently not available for RPs
RP Preferences
High Fantasy, both medieval and modern
Slow buildup
Historical RPs
Multiple paragraphs
Multiple characters
Older partners
Purely Modern
Group RPs
Almost never
Teenagers/young characters
Only smut
Extreme powerplay
Non-romantic RPs

Available characters
Braden Flanagan
Cassian Dunn
Farhan Avvari
Gabriel Sheridan
Gareth Darcy
Mercuzio Oderisi
Aaron Dae Miller
Ace Carmichael
Adrián Menéndez
Aeron Lothar
Aleksey R Annenkov
Alessandro di Savoia
Andreas Zima
Arden Leon Tatham
Aric Veekan
Augustus Young
Benjamin Musgrave
Caelan Wren
Caleb Sumner
Cassius Veturius
Cedric Belmont
Darcy Willsbury II
Eloi Gaspard Balford
Eric Fulton
Finlay Carlisle
Flynn Cornelius Gascoigne
Gabriel Atlas
Gael María Bolívar
Gideon Cohen
Ha-Jun Lim
Haco Baird
Holden Lael Blumstein
Ilya Alekseyev
Jal Mishra
Jasper Sullivan
Johar O'Connor
Jonah Briar
Julian de Silva
Julius Horatio Moore
Kai Arellius
Leonardo Stephane Mancuso
Llewelyn Belacqua
Lorenzo Amadeo I
Luca Damiani
Mathieu Arsene
Maxwell Ambrose Warren
Mikhail Annenkov
Nikolai Annenkov Musgrave
Noah Adler
Pavel Alekseyev
Quentin Radcliffe
Roman Mallory
Rowan Cavanaugh
Samuel Choi
Sebastian Lewis
Shuhei Denahi
Theo Hurst
Tristan Forester
Victor Armitage
Vincent Donovan
Yasha Isaev
The long introduction
OBS - I am currently attending university, doing my master's degree in Latin. Because of that, I'm not very active, but you are still very welcome to send me a message just to have a chat or maybe to talk about starting a (future) rp. <3

If interested, I'm currently really into Modern Fantasy settings, though I'm always ready to brainstorm and specify the details further! I also only do MxM, as I'm not really interested in FxF or MxF as of now to be fair. I do mostly romance-focused RPs, though I love slow buildups and sexual content is not necessary, though I definitely don't mind either - at all. I'm also not a native English speaker, so I might make mistakes here and there as well as overfill every sentence with commas (lol), but I do see myself as more or less fluent, so I'm more than ready to RP in English as well as Danish, my mother-tongue.

If this sounds like something you'd like to give a chance, please send me a message, though I might not get back to you right away!

Thanks for understanding! <3


None-RP related interests
Legend of Zelda · Bollywood · Latin · Ovid · Caesar · Augustus · Vergil · Roman poetry · World history · Ancient history · Roman history · Languages · Mythology · Elton John · Movies · Japan · Travelling · Pokémon · Fire Emblem · Animal Crossing · Makeup · Cosplay

I update this from time to time


Profile picture: Alecccat
Character icons: Me, Sfinx, and snifx
Character profile templates: Me, Sfinx, snifx, and aimee_jung

Rave Reviews

Aaaaaaah! I just looked over this wonderful beautiful persons profile and their characters and let me tell you.

They are AMAZING. Im in love. Not only do they do M x M rp they have some beautiful characters as well. Anen, Mathieu and Aaron are my favorites among her characters.

Seriously check her out. - JoJoApples
There will never be a more dedicated roleplayer out there, than her. Whether it's playing a charming business man who can get anyone he wants, or a shy and awkward intelligent scientist og a complete sociopath with a bloodthirst unable to be satisfied, she is pours herself into the roleplay unlike anyone else. - snifx

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