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Hello, welcome to my profile! Please, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. I would love to have a conversation in order for us to know each other's better.

I've been roleplaying for quite a while, and I really enjoy it as my way of having fun and to expand my writing, creativity skill. Please, don't be hesitate to talk with me, I'm looking forward to meet new people!


Though the way I type and talk is quite formal, I am actually rather friendly and love to have conversations, whether small talks or not. Though, as times passed, I may start to type longer and talk more because I want to improve, I don't want to be stuck talking small talks only with people who I've talked to often.

I may appear to be friendly and always willing to help, but there are moments when I don't. I am also not very open, especially with new people due to unfortunate experiences I had with people irl and online, so I ask you to please respect my wishes and privacy. Some things are better left unknown despite myself being a rather blunt individual who prefers to not have secrets.

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