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Hey there first thing I figured I should do is introduce myself. Just call my Bryce. I am new to this website but not to roleplaying in general. I have been doing it since 2012 and honestly it is the thing I love to do in my spare time. I do it all the time so expect me to be on frequently. Here is some of the RPs genres I am into. First off lets start off with gender pairings...

Sexual Orientations + Pairings
Let me start off by saying I am a demibisexual FTM transman so I am not opposed with MalexMale RPs at all. The ranges from my characters sexuality will be from straight, to bisexual, to pansexual. I am very flexible so I can tweak my straight characters to bisexual if mxm is your preference. But I do have one thing that is a must for me. I only play Dom/Seme characters. Being a Sub/Uke characters is not my thing, so sorry if you are searching for a sub hun .
So recap on what I am ok with...
MalexTrans (FtM/MtF)
Now this is where I start of telling you is that I have a wide variety of different RPs I play. And the only thing they have in common typically is romance which I am a sucker for. I only have a couple of genres I won't do and that definitely includes Scifi, Zombies, and Tentacles *scrunches nose*. Other than that I am quite open to varieties of genres! I may forget some so my list does go beyond these...
Romance/Romantic Comedy
Sexual Themes(18+)
Slice of Life
Action Adventure
Posts And Extra Stuff
Now let me end this note with saying I am not all that picky when it comes to the length of replies. As long as it isn't a one liner I am a pretty chill partner. In many aspects other than just the length of posts. I won't limit your creativity of your character or your ideas to make our rps better! So you don't need to ask me what is and is and what is not acceptable. As long as you don't just randomly stop replying out of no where I am pretty chill to RP with. Anywho nice to meet you all!

Rave Reviews

I've only had the privilege to RP with Bryce only a few days as of this post, and I find our RP fantastic. Our characters seem to click well, our styles seem to go along well... I don't know what else to say but, I appreciate that I've gotten to write a fun, angst-filled story with him. :) - Lycidas
Bryce and I have be rping for about a week i think and he is just phenomenal he is such a great writer he has the best grammar and he is a real good partner to have and i hope to continue roleplaying with him Wonderful writer Long-term partner - TeddyWettyyy

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