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“Sometimes they are heroes. Sometimes they are villains. More often they are something in between, grey characters… and grey has long been my favorite color. It is so much more interesting than black or white.”

Male || 30 || INTP
Movie Guru || Dork || Gamer || Bearded



Nioght's Characters

Nioght either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Words cannot describe this man, he has always been welcoming towards me and even so happily to help me brain storm. He is very laid back and I highly enough our chit chats when we are both able too. The RP alone is to die for with the amount of detail and the way he leaves you wanting just another hour or two because of the pull he has. I had a great honor in Rping with one of his brain children after admiring his creativity and it was so worth it! - Pretty_Bird
This guy has been friends with me for ages. Before I even ventured into the 18+ in Furcadia. Not only to I value his friendship, but the plots we make together. He has just a fantastically creative mind and is so willing to go outside of the box it's thrilling. I highly recommend a session with him! - MoonDog

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