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Nioght - pronounced Nee-ought


Alex(ander) || Male || 27 || INTP
Movie Guru & Geek Extraordinaire
Game Addict & Beard Aficionado


“Sometimes they are heroes. Sometimes they are villains. More often they are something in between, grey characters… and grey has long been my favorite color. It is so much more interesting than black or white.”

Welcome to my own small World

A majority of the time I will not be the first to initiate contact unless to ask a question. Please do not take offense or be insulted. I assume people are busy and naturally do not want to take up their time or intrude. I tend to keep to myself unless an odd circumstance or opportunity presents itself. With that being said, don't hesitate to message me if you're interested in setting up a bit of rp between our characters. Until we've met or played together a few times. Then all that goes out the window.

My online schedule is a little hectic and out of the ordinary due to work. I'm typically on afternoon, evenings, and occasionally into the late nights; about 4pm to 12am EST. Weekends are a different story and can usually be found or expected online a majority of the weekend whenever.

All that aside, I'm just another geek like many of us are. I game often, usually on PC or PS4. I do tabletop, cards, comics, movies, dice, RPGs, and many other geeky things. I'm usually up to try anything once. I'm whisper friendly to a point, mainly until whispers are the focus rather than the roleplay. Unless we're not currently roleplaying, then hit me up whenever, about whatever. I've a knack for memorizing movies and quotes. I listen to nearly any band or artist of music, minus country. And chit-chat is always welcome about nerd-things; whether it's Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Blizzard nonsense, and the list could continue.

With all that said, please hit me up anytime for roleplay. I love plotting, planning, and brainstorming ideas for character growth and progression.


Rules of Engagement

I think this kind of stuff is pretty simple. Use your words, be a mature adult, be considerate, and don't forget to have some common sense.

1. Don't confuse IC & OOC

2. If you have a problem with me or the roleplay, don't hesitate to bring it to my attention. Using civility and tact yields better results than vitriol behavior and toxic remarks. Kindness and maturity go a long way.

3. Skipping rule #2, you'll be reminded and warned. I'm not here to be harassed or jerked around. I'd sooner block you, put you on ignore, and go on my way if it comes down to it. I don't have the time or patience to deal with drama or immaturity. This includes gossip, rumors, slander, log-sharing, alt-outing, lying, and any and all invasions of privacy. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and help kill some time while not working or sleeping. Don't ruin it.

4. Any problems can be avoided with proper communication and honesty. Don't like me? Fine. That's your prerogative. We can attempt to work things out or go our separate ways. Either way, I expect it to be handled maturely and like an adult. Any breaking of the ToS involving me or those I roleplay with will not be tolerated and will be treated as harassment. And it will be reported to the appropriate staff.

All in all, it's very simple. Come, have fun, brainstorm and plot, roleplay and enjoy yourself. Leave any drama at the door or don't come knocking to begin with. We're all too old and it's much too troublesome to deal with.

Nioght's Characters

Nioght either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

This guy has been friends with me for ages. Before I even ventured into the 18+ in Furcadia. Not only to I value his friendship, but the plots we make together. He has just a fantastically creative mind and is so willing to go outside of the box it's thrilling. I highly recommend a session with him! - MoonDog
Words cannot describe this man, he has always been welcoming towards me and even so happily to help me brain storm. He is very laid back and I highly enough our chit chats when we are both able too. The RP alone is to die for with the amount of detail and the way he leaves you wanting just another hour or two because of the pull he has. I had a great honor in Rping with one of his brain children after admiring his creativity and it was so worth it! - Sushi_Kitten

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  • Nioght gave Noosey kudos:
    I've said it before but it warrants repeating. Noosey possesses such a magnificent talent for creating some of the most in-depth, creative, fleshed out characters I've ever had the privilege of writing with. If you don't ever take the time to sit and plot with her, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. <3
    1 week ago