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Fondest Greetings and Salutations, Visitors welcome, I am Noctem-Tenebris, a wielder of many pseudonyms, a Creator of Worlds, and an entity that attempts in its fullest to realize fantasy within the imagination.

What is this insidious cretin?

A worldbuilder who uses their time to grow their universe and a mind that knows no bounds.

As an author, I enjoy writing a great deal as my first passion, an Imagineer of sorts, building foundations to grow worlds of all kinds that now comprise my mind. As an Artist, I conceptualize my worlds into images and bring forth visual interpretation to the imagined in a believable aspect.

My greatest desire is to one day make my world known to others through my toil in its creation. For now, you see but a start of a foundation in which I intend to construct my roots. It is within hope you shall take a gander in due time. For now, I simply wish all the best and remain humbly yours.

I have made several homes on the web, many for my head world and the worlds within it. I hope you will enjoy what you may behold as I strive to continue my artistic and writing journey to complete my greatest desire.
Who are we you ask?

Good question, we have yet to answer this directly. We simply are what we are. Perhaps you can come to your conclusion. >:}
What do we write?

I am capable of all manner of fiction, science, or otherwise. But I do not so much as seek genre as I seek substance and growth. As a worldbuilder on a massive scale, I take my growth, content, and engagement quite seriously.

I use RP as a testing ground for all manner of ideas, prompts. Think of it as my melting pot of the muse with butterfly effect scenarios. I love to challenge my partners to grow, to bring forth new ideas and new methods of approach.

I am a veteran roleplayer to which I say in confidence, rarely disappoints.

However, since I do sometimes engage in darker aspects, I will only role-play with you if you are 18+. I do not wish to engage heavy topics of any sort upon a minor, and for the safety of both parties, do not Role-play with me if you are a minor.

My characters and the world are very endowed in information, spanning the near three decades of my existence and will acquire more. What has been given is their TLDR; versions in a watered-down, more easily digested format.

I welcome curiosity and am open to just about everything. All I ask for is, challenge me.
Our headworld/universe

P A N T H E I -- C A R C E R I

For almost twenty years, I have comprised a project that has started to come to fruition—the universe of Sverakey-Syrvohndur, the complete encapsulation of my imagination for my story Panthei Carceri.

Panthei Carceri is an ongoing project that I spend my weekends on now, a share of my passion of creation unto you. It is a high science fiction/fantasy that combines both substantial science theories, Theorem, and explanations intermingled with esoteric and mythology into a unique hybridization. Ultimately, a world that relies on the reader's interpretation and ability of individualism to define its moral compass. I do not live by definition, for to define, is to limit, and to limit ceases the beauty of growth.

- What does Panthei Carceri mean?

I love linguistics and the magic of languages, succinctly, it has a duality of meaning. It can mean Prison of the Pantheon or Pantheon's Prison. One, referring to external and one internal. Why is this important, this story is not about a singular form of expression nor journey but a multitude of diversity and exploration.

-You say science theories, like what?

I mean being a bit of a closet nerd, everything from simple biology and the sciences of anatomy and function to that of engineering, that would have to do with a multitude of other studies: chemistry, both synthetic and natural. Pathology, Psychology, Physics, thermodynamics, energy conversions, Quantum theory, and quantum physics, to name a few.

-Whar are Esoterics?

By dictionary definition - requiring or exhibiting knowledge that's restricted to a small group. Essentially lesser-known or perhaps dare I say it "taboo" subjects that may be in the grand scheme of things to be abhorred. I am the type to study all sides of a subject to make my judgment: the Good, the bad, and the ugly. Mythos, in general, from all over the globe, have graced my study, and I give my homage to it.

-What can you expect?

Taste it for yourself and see; there is no point in attempting to define what has spanned such a length of time. If you wish to be apart of this journey, do so at your own whim. Enjoy the ride and find yourself. Do not limit yourself to the words of others; come to your own conclusion.
So, you want to Role-play?

Please feel free to DM or PM me. My method of RPing is through discord. However, I will state this in plain,


I engage sometimes in heavy topics, and conflict.

And I would not wish to be accused of engaging with someone who should not be delving into this via laws of my country.

It's not personal, so if you take it as such that is on you. I would take it personally if I wound up with some sort of law infraction.

My homes on the internet

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Rave Reviews

So much to say, yet not enough space to say it!

I've felt so fortunate to have met you, not just as a writing partner, but as an amazing friend. Not only are your characters and world superbly complex and interesting, but you've legit made me cry on more than one occasion, and encourage me to grow!

I am always excited to explore more of your creations. Each roleplay we've done has been one amazing roller-coaster after another, and I always itch for more!

Much love for my devious daem! Wonderful writer Long-term partner - FeatheredFantasy

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