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"Be soft.
Don't let the world make you hard. Don't let the pain make you hate. Don't let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride in that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
- Vonnegut


✧・゚*. °。 ✧|INTJ|Sub|28|Inked |Chai -Flavored| Girlish|Dice Hoarder|✧ 。° .*・✧

<dolls|Ravenclaw|tea| coffee|bruises colors|art|words|
video games|fire|Wonderland|Pokemon|books
|Last Airbender|Folklore/Myths|coffins|cold|plushies|
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|history|Final Fantasy|>

You've stumbled on a quiet creature of comfort and organized chaos with a love for the mysterious and whimsical things of the world. I write because it's just always been what I do. I absolutely love to roleplay, odds are if you ask me. I am up for it. I'm extremely quiet and reserved though, so I could totally love your character and not say a word. I am working on it though. I don't talk often but roleplay, I can go on and on with a good scene. My mind is often disconnected from my mouth so the words don't always come out right at all but I am listening. I'm just awful with little chatter and approaching others. So feel free to drop me a note or a message on discord, if you see me in Furcadia too.

~✧・゚*. °。 ✧ ☽◯☾ ✧ 。° .*・✧~
My Kindred Spirits & Dearest Hearts

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I've fallen out of Discord for RP since I always try to be on Furcadia when able. I'm really not great with discord so I tend to favor in client, but I'm always willing to try and accommodate schedules. Feel free to toss me a message on RPR if any of my pretties catch your fancy. Both my characters roleplay in The Golden Tether and exist within that continuity. Generally you can find me haunting the idle pit or in the atrium under my character's names.

Noosey's Characters

Noosey either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

I've said it before but it warrants repeating. Noosey possesses such a magnificent talent for creating some of the most in-depth, creative, fleshed out characters I've ever had the privilege of writing with. If you don't ever take the time to sit and plot with her, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. <3 - Nioght
Noose is a gem to work with when it comes to art, always providing great refs and prompts, and giving excellent feedback. She's a dream of a client! Her characters are lush, beautiful, and fun to render. While we haven't RPed, I can only imagine she puts them to good use! - Auberon

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