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12/20/2019: Something happened last night (A spiritual revelation) and I will no longer be doing smut rps or rps that have sex. I am fine with everything else that happens in a mature (adult) rp. I have deleted all rps with sex and smut and will not reply to them. Sorry for any inconvenience. I promise, it's for real this time.

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Suther (played by North-Wood)
Suther is such a strange little one and I LOVE it! What a great addition to RC! It’s this strange marriage of the little elf we know and the strange unknown we don’t. I can’t wait to see them in play! :) - Kruhee
A fabulous roleplayer and writer who comes up with quite the original characters. She's articulate eloquent and witty.Imaginative storylines with twists and turns. Chat and roleplay with this woman. - LakotaSiouxWarrior

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