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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Birthday: July 11

When you're a C but you wanna be a B.
💙Jonathan Young!!💙

NortherStar's stories
I know have a Instagram account for my stories. So if you would like to get updates go follow me at northerstars_stories

Hello I love roleplaying. Ive been roleplaying for 5 years. I usually am always adding details and photos to my characters. So just message me if you want to rp or just to talk :3

Kitty Cat

Roleplaying details/Rules

-Always looking for rp partners!!

-I can do paragraphs just warning it might take me a while i usually try to do atleast a paragraph i might do less sometimes. If I'm in a good mood and my brain works I can usually do 2-5 paragraphs

-im fine with all diffrent types of styles. So i will usually adjust to whatever type you use. I usually do best in third person

-im okay with multiple rps. Like if you want to do two or three or four (lelz) with me with diffrent characters of yours and mine id be down.

-i dont do just completly smut. I need a plot! I dont mind if there is a lot just i still want a plot.

- Please dont control my characters

Fav rp genres
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure

Characters im really wanting to rp with
Reece (on Amber's family page)

Characters that I've recently updated and the dates

Ima (8/20/19)
Chad (8/20/19)
Blaze (8/20/19)
Mara (8/20/19)
Nick (8/20/19)
Death (8/20/19)

Plots! Updated: 7/3/19

1) I suck at making plots
2) they are a work in progress
3) if you want to change/add anything just message me I'm perfectly fine with that
4) have I mentioned I suck at making plots?

-A wanna be princess
Warning: Reece is transgender. Goes by she/her

Y/C has a ball with invite only. Shes wanted to go for so long and an invitation acidently/purposely ends up in her mail box. She squeals with excitement. When they day comes she goes to it in a dress and her hair done perfectly. She stands out through the crowd and Y/C notices. We continue from there.
(You can find Reece on Amber's profile under family.)

-The broken road
FxF, MxF
Warning: suicidal thoughts/actions, drug use
Amber has walked down a broken road for a long time. 4 year to be exact. She went down hill and hasn't came back up. Shes killed, used drugs, robbed places, and worse. You light be her best friend, a stranger, or her to be girlfriend/Boyfriend. What ever you choose to be when school comes around you notice shes finally came back to school after 4 years. It's her final year of high school. Shes changed so much and doesnt act or look like she used to. It's up to you to rise her from where she is or let her stay on this path where she currently roams.

-A youtuber or just a wanna be?
Lola has been making videos for a while. Shes become quiet famous some would say. Which made it harder on lola. Haters started rumors or bad theories about her being face. They also been posting about how she wont play certain games with car crashes in scenes yet wont say why. When she goes over the edge she reveals why but after that she doesnt make anymore videos. Theres no more posts it was as if she disappeared. You can be a kidnapper, a fan, or anyone really. What ever you are maybe change the story.

-Am I a monster to you?
Violet was always called a violent monster. She had killed many people. No one knew why so they figured she was just some serial killer. She was misunderstood though. Her hair and eyes where violet. They used to not be. When that day came and her eyes and hair changed her whole life flipped around. She was called a freak and a monster. When ever she was cut or stabbed she would heal up. It would leave behind a violet scar thought that would hurt her until she hurt the person who did it to her. One day Y/C runs into her and she doesnt fight you or try to attack. She didnt want to fight at all. What happens after is your decision.
(If romance is involved we can discuss if she has mara or not.)

-Getting back in the game
[Warning=he has two kids, M×F]
Nick has been out of the dating game for while. Hes been lonely and wants to get back in it agian. Thing is hes so awkward he doesnt know where to begin. This rp can start in many ways. He could meet you at a bar, his store, the park, anywhere really.

My disease

(In this I would be playing Violet. In this they'll be some violence and some cussing)

Violet has always had this power. Her skin would heal but it came at a cost. Anytime her skin would heal it would hurt her. If she got stabbed she would feel that pain 24/7 until she stabbed that same person. She never understood how she got this power or really how it worked. In this rp she would be discovering more about herself and more about her disease. You could play a doctor, a friend, a police man, or even a love interest. Any one really would work.

Getting to the top agian

(In this I would be playing Amber. They're be drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, and cursing in this)

Amber used to be at the top. Her family was rich. Until it was all token away. In one day she hit the bottom. She swore one day she would get back to the top anyway she could. If that be her music taking off or her robbing scheming her way up.

In this you could play anyone. From a friend, to a rich foe, anything you want really.

A Hidden writer

(In this I'd be playing j.c. shes on Amber's family page. In this they'll be mentions to drug and acholol abuse, and family abuse as well)

J.c. always wanted to be a writer. Sadly she never got out of her house. She was a prisoner. One day she created a website on her laptop. She posted so many different stories. She went viral over night. People sent her money to support her. One day she created a chat on her page. She called it chat me for a day. On this day you and her hit it off. Either as friends or maybe more? She started talking with y/c more and more. She never showed her face or shared where she lived. One day y/c asked to finally meet up and meet her. She finally agreed. From this point on they decide a place and time.

The mysteries of Kate's many sides

(Of course I'd play kate, in this there might be violence and a lot of swears)

Kate has many different sides to her. Everyone seems to know a different side of her. Your goal is to figure out who she truly is. This rp will evolve from the questions you ask and who you aks the question to. Will you truly figure out who kate is? Or will you get to lost in the rabbit hole?

In this you can talk with any of her friends. You can talk all the way from her main friends to her minor friends. Maybe you decide to go and talk with her family or even her enemies. You can even talk with her. Its you're choice. Down below I'll leave a list of her friends, family, and enemies. If you find this rp interesting pm me and we can settle details their.

major Friends

Annabell, James, Stela, Jasmine, Her cat (sue)

minor friends

Sarah, Lily, Garry, Vida, etc..


Mother (Hannah), Sisiter (Susy), her father (Samuel), Anthony (adopted kid), Daisy (adopted kid)


Police, Malik, Knife (kaitlyn), Queen (diane), etc.

In this you could be a detective, a police man whose undercover, or well anything else you can think of.

Know a little about me i guess.
Umm well i write short storys (they suck), i write songs too! Which im only proud of a few. I might realese some someday. I doubt I will

Fav games
Undertale, Deltarune, tales of vespria, fran bow, sally face, etc...

Fav musicals
Dear evan hansen, be more chill, heathers, Hamilton, mama mia, ect...

Fav animes
Blue exorcist, Seven deadly sins, Black butler, ect...

US eastern time
I will be on and off throught the days just fyi.

Also none of the photos used for my characters are mine. Other than the ones ive made on monster girl maker and live portrait.

Rave Reviews

  • NortherStar is an amazing Roleplayer. Someone I enjoy sharing a story with as well. Honestly, this person is skilled and talented and with a little patience and time, you'll come to understand why I enjoy them as a partner on this site! Give them a chance and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
    -- Lanx12
  • Finally got a chance to give this person kudos! I'm gonna be proper and tell that they are definitely capable of paragraphs for rp's and I can see that they try to keep replies consistent in length which takes a lot of effort and thinking! Definitely proud with North...
    -- FrootLoops

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