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"Everyone you meet in your life - even total strangers - are already intimately connected to you. The idea that we are all separate and distinct beings is nothing but an illusion. We are all parts of a larger whole, like individual cells in a body." -Steve Pavlina, self-help author

NCBBRno.pngI am going on hiatus for medical issues. I apologize, but I do not know when I can return. Thank you for your understanding. I love you all.
NwmtYMi.pngRight now, I am not accepting any new roleplay partners, as my schedule is busied.

I am the wind, a chill passing by that may delight the overexerted or cripple the already frozen. I am a ghost, the remnants of a lingering kiss, stirring the blood, or the memory of harsher times, diminishing all hope. I am a tome, filled with scripts that might inspire or corrupt. I am a breath, a word, a gasp, an indication of past emotions that are present no more.

Who am I?

I am a stranger.

I have been roleplaying off and on for nearly fifteen years, as I was introduced to the hobby in high school. Since then, I have taken on dozens of different roles and so many more characters, most of my own creation. I've had several different breaks from roleplaying and am currently stepping out of another brief one.

Examples of what I have done are MMO roleplay, tabletop games, LARP and theatre, Discord roleplay, and forum roleplay, email roleplay (as well as over social network). And, of course, 1v1 roleplay.

  • Genre - Fantasy, Modern, Historical, Romance, Slice of Life, Dystopia, Humor
  • Themes and Topics - Love, Marriage, Family, Dark, Supernatural, Adventure, LGBT+, Superheroes, Survival, Magic, Combat, Cyber/Steampunk
  • Adult Content - I do not "fade to black". It disrupts the storytelling. I do not mind erotic roleplay, and I am willing to play darker themes that I will not discuss in a public forum. If you wish to learn more, send me a private message.
  • Setting - I will play homemade worlds and lore as well as fandom (message me if you'd like to inquire what fandoms I would consider).
  • OOC - I encourage conversation and friendship.
  • Length - 1+ paragraph (3-5 sentences at least)
  • Frequency - Active to semi-active, as that is my post frequency as well. I understand that real life comes before hobbies.
  • Partner - MUST BE 18+!!!
  • Long-term RP

  • Genre - Sci-Fi, War, Horror/Thriller, Western
  • Themes and Topics - High school, certain erotic topics (message me for details)
  • Drama
  • More than one partner
  • One-offs
  • Cannon characters
  • Anthro
  • I will not play a child character unless they are an NPC (like if YC and MC have a family). This includes Harry Potter roleplay.

(Please note that this list is liable to change given new circumstances.)

If you wish to learn more about me, or if you have a roleplay proposition, don't hesitate to send me a private message.

Discord: Novus#6314


And so concludes my profile. If you have any more questions, please reach out to me. I will respond as soon as I am able, as life is a little hectic at the moment.

Rave Reviews

Although we haven't been writing very long, I enjoy every post I get from Novus. They are a detailed and creative writer who is always willing to listen to my ideas. I love the story we are creating and if you're thinking about RPing with Novus, you won't regret it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - MercyInReach

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