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"Come what come may,
Time and the hour runs through the roughest day."

- William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.3


Status: Oof.

Important: My male characters are anonymous(the few I have). The reason for that is some people's requirements for male characters to be played by males only. (???)
You wouldn't know that I'm a female through my male characters.

About me:
- I work full-time and I'm a workaholic. My job is incredibly demanding and requires a lot of creativity. Sometimes I work up until 4 AM. Please, be patient with me. By the end of the day, I'm exhausted and my mind needs to recharge for new ideas.
- When I'm free, I'm working on developing a world based on Slavic and Norse (mostly these two) mythology and folklore. However, it's not copy and paste. I'm simply getting ideas of humanity's most interesting (to me) stories and beliefs. This requires a lot of research. I'm also working on the main storyline for that world. My main goal is to be one big, long and exciting story. Not thinking of publishing at the moment, but a lot of my time goes to this. When I'm not working on developing my world, I have other things to attend to, so be patient with me.
Edit: Friends of mine had offered me to make a game based on this world. They want me to help with the lore and the story and I accepted. So, this will be another thing that will consume my free time.
- My main genre is dark medieval fantasy. I'll never stop loving it. However, I've been part of great stories of different genres, so I'm comfortable pretty much with every setting.
- I have around 13 years of RP experience, which includes DMing, world-building, moderating forum with over 100 members. That's in the past and now I'm wondering how the hell did I manage to do these things.
- Years ago I stopped focusing on my own personal feelings towards the roleplays I was in. Focusing on that quickly became boring. What I love is to entertain my partners, see their characters' reactions and write for the sake of the story. I try to be as impersonal as possible. That doesn't mean that I don't love my characters or I didn't put an effort into them. Quite the opposite, but they will never be the most important thing in a roleplay for me.
- English is not my native language. Bear with me, I do my best.

Fun facts:
My longest RP on RPR is almost three years and is still ongoing. Thank you UsagiSmith for being my partner and being so patient! You're my star on RPR.
My longest RP ever - 4 years.

If you're interested in my visible characters, feel free to PM me.

Have fun and take it easy!

Rave Reviews

Noxx has helped me around this site and has shown great initiative in our group. Without her, her characters and her creativity our roleplay would be a lost cause. Thank you Noxx! - Abbyss
OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I haven't gave this woman kudos! She is totally awesome! I love her so much! Her writing style to her ideas of what to come up next. If you are patient, she will not disappoint you at all. Just because of her, I am writing a novel based off an rp we are doing right now. I really love her a lot and I can't express my gratefulness towards her for taking a chance to rp with me. Everytime she replies makes me all giddy inside! I love her so much! <3 - UsagiSmith

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