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  • Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

e.o Don't touchs me

Welcome I guess?
Much to sea as you can see~
Not really but you don't need to know that- anyways it's cool that you're here
How or why you're here is a whole other question 0-0
Enjoy yourself e.o Don't steal my things and we'll be on a good note

Always down for a Warriors (cats) RP
Big fan of horror so hit me up if you have any ideas you want to try- WEW!!
I enjoys the anime
Romance is nice- I be fine with M x F or F x F it doesn't matter to moi only to le OCs

Tis all for now~ 0-0 Touch me and I WILL nom you e.o You will be nommed damnit

Rave Reviews

  • I'm giving Nyx more kudos. She's the best friend I've ever made online. She's funny, creative, and easy to talk to. Also good at writing, but the other stuffs are more important.
    *Le hug*
    -- Hollyfrost
  • Have I given this lady a kudos? No, I didn't. Ok.
    I... love... this human.
    The rp we are doing right now is just... AMAZING!
    I love every part of it, and I love how she writes long, then short, then long. Most people would be annoyed by it, but I love it. (Of course...
    -- CoyBoat275

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Recent Activity

  • NyxPara gave Lil_Hedgepig kudos!
    "I don't know if I should start with how great a person they are or just how skillful of a Roleplayer they can be...though I guess that's the same thing isn't? Not only is Hedgepig an overly nice and completely understanding person, Hedge also has a very unique way of giving feeling to the Roleplay partner through a clean style that I find really cool and have never experienced before! I'm glad to have found this gem in the community and encourage others to try an RP idea with them!!"
    (About 2 weeks and 1 day ago)
  • NyxPara has befriended TKs, kingofthearrows and RisingoftheSpirit(About 3 weeks and 6 days ago)