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Welcome to my profile. You can call me Oaky.

Since you're just dying to know, (I know,) my name in Japanese is オースチン, or 生寿珍.

Here's a lil translation for ya:

[生 = o (life)
寿 = su (longevity)
珍 = chin (rare)]
Highjinx did this for me out of the kindness of her heart. I'm forever indebted to her.

A note about my characters: My characters are constantly evolving. I know some people are kinda prejudiced against changing your characters' profiles one you've hit “Save” for the first time, but for me I feel like I'm discovering my characters' personalities as I go along, writing what feels natural for them. If it isn't in line with what's on the profile, then I change the profile, not the character. After all, you don't change yourself to match an ID card, right? ;)

My RP Preferences!

Settings are really no issue for me. I can do nearly any setting, with very few exceptions.

Here's what I'll willingly do, no problem:

• Maiming. I'm pretty chill about what happens to my characters, as long as we've discussed it beforehand and we're in it for the long-term. (I'll likely do more damage to my guy than you'll consider doing, anyway. :P)
• Swearing. I, myself don't swear, but I'm okay with characters swearing, as long as we keep it to a minimum. Too many F-Bombs can ruin the pace of a game for me.
• Tension and drama: I cannot get enough of an RP with good challenges to overcome, especially if there are tons of new ones all the time. That being said...
• Downtime: I also love RPs with a good ebb and flow to them. Twists at every turn are fun, but so is "normal" stuff; Like the kind of stuff our characters can enjoy before being thrown into chaos again. What's the point of having a relationship put in jeopardy if the characters didn't have much of a chance to enjoy it in the first place?
• Happy, light RPs: Stuff like Bunny, Kitty, Moose. Happy and contented characters are just as fun as devastated and confused ones, sometimes.

The kinds of things I don't really do:

• One-liners
• God-moding/Powerplay
• Mindless sex
• Non-committal characters/players. I'm totally okay with a character that can fit into multiple settings, and you running one or two other RPs with that same character also, but if I see you replying to every single “looking for RP” thread it makes the RP I'm in look unimportant and meaningless. Why bother if you've got twenty other games with the same character to go reply to?
• I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but… Bad grammar/spelling/diction. If we start an RP and the first post you write has run-on sentences to the moon and back, I'm not going to enjoy that RP very much. (Most likely, I'll drop it.) Please, please don't put me through the torture of having to explain to you why I'm going to cease replying to our game. We're writers- We should be able to use words and the rules surrounding them correctly.

Styling Reference (stolen from Novalynn, modified by me)

This is narrative. It may have emphasis at times. It might also have special stylization to convey a certain
idea within my otherwise dull blocks of text.

((This is an out-of-character note.))

"This is spoken dialog."

This is a character's private thought. Some characters protect their thoughts from intrusion, so it's a good idea to ask me OOC about it before reading minds.

'This is dialog via telepathy. It may be directed at an individual, or it may be a general projection.'


If you've made it this far, I know you're just dying to know me better, so here's a fortune about me based on my birthday, or something. (Also courtesy of Highjinx. Isn't she just the nicest?)
"Oct 30th: independent, sagacious, and self-confident, you possess good executive ability. Love will play the most prominent part in your life; you should choose someone congenial with your own tastes and marry young. You like your own way and are apt to be petulant under much opposition."

Quotable Quotes!

"I'm not a turtle"

~ Loki, January 2014

"You need a bigger head"

~ TornBySanity, January 2014

"... and then he has a panic attack XD"

~ Loki, January 2014

"So we're not gonna bang?"

~ f0x1nth3b0x, February 2014

"Make no mistake. This is snuggle-rape."

~ StrangeDisease, February 2014

"I am none of those things. Just a grumpybutt fox <_< This is why I pay for stuff lol"

~ f0x1nth3b0x, May 2014

"Did someone say Flumph Dungeon?"

~ SeraphicStar, May 2015

"I am extremely unquotable, actually."

~ Rynh, May 2015

Rave Reviews

Oaky is awesome! I haven't finished an RP with him yet, but I look forward to working one out until the end with him. He knows his characters well and he's generally great fun to RP with! - Freyya
Awww, Oaky. The best tree. This kid is smart, creative, and quick witted. He definitely deserves a chance for RP, and RPR is lucky to have him! - Highjinx

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