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looking for long term rps

I'm a harmless cinnamon roll who loves Rping.

Note to those who are looking to RP with me:

Please make sure you read through everything that is on my characters profiles. Things that happen very often include:
1. Someone not understanding that when I put down paragraphs that I want paragraphs, not short replies or one-liner.
2. Someone ends up never replying to me even after I send one warning message(I keep track of that and if it happens to be where you want another rp with me I will refuse)
3. Instead of PMing me, they reply on forums, I just don't pay attention to them. Most of the time I'm only on my Inbox
4. Not helping with developing plot or driving plot forward (RPing is a two-way street)

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite... at least not hard. (I might nibble)

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They are super artistic and chill- they also have a number of different characters that one could use to make an entire story book! It's even better with how different the characters can be! - IrraticXylophone
I have known Ohermichi for a few months now and I will admit, she has to be one of not only the best rpers I have meet, but also a good friend. Her characters are solid but also so unique and loveable, a refreshing mind to any rper. - Bluegeam

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    Ohermichi is an incredibly kind and patient person. I have had extended (oft unaccounced) breaks, taken weeks to post, and she has always welcomed me back with open arms.

    Our RP has been ongoing for quite some time now, and I always have appreciated her willingness to plot and help move the story forward. We created a great base for this RP together and I am enjoying seeing it fold out in front of us. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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