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looking for long term rps

Abel / IschemicTies. I'm a harmless cinnamon roll who loves Rping.

Note to those who are looking to RP with me:

Please make sure you read through everything that is on my characters profiles. Things that happen very often include:
1. Someone not understanding that when I put down paragraphs that I want paragraphs, not short replies or one-liner.
2. Someone ends up never replying to me even after I send one warning message(I will keep track of that and if it happens to be where you want another rp with me I will refuse)
3. Instead of PMing me, they reply on forums (I put 'PM me' for a reason following directions should be simple)
4. Not helping with developing plot or driving plot forward (RPing is a two-way street)

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite... at least not hard. (I might nibble)

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Rave Reviews

An awesome RPer! All her characters have been very thought out and are unique. RPing with her is always a treat! I have several RP's going with her and they are all awesome. Totally recommended! - SickViking
They are super artistic and chill- they also have a number of different characters that one could use to make an entire story book! It's even better with how different the characters can be! - IrraticXylophone

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