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Howdy! I'm now working full time as a game artist. My commissions are now closed to focus on my company's titles, but feel free to ask for a quote/waiting list q's anytime, or just to get in touch. PM for Discord.

Art/Commissions (Closed)
My RPR templates can be found here or on that RPR Templates roster to your right. Poke me anytime if you have questions about coding something on your own. Cheers!

Rave Reviews

Ohm is a vibrant person who expels complete warmth for every person no matter how dark and aggravated the waters below. If compassion had a name it would be his, but even then he's judicious and I hardly catch him squandering his grace on people without good intentions. In Ohmi I found a like mind who believes not in right and wrong but in people and life. In Ohmi, I found a brother with whom to navigate stormy squalls side by side, laughing all the way. An enchanting companion for anyone, truly - Basalt
Warrior poet, world-saving ambitions, eyes in the stars. Look at you sunshine, burning bright like a supernova; a storyteller who writes their hand at the universe in the most magical and intricate ways. Let me leave you these words on your new slate, my friend, it'll be my greatest honour & my profoundest way of saying thank you. I've known you for so long and through the late night laughter & the early morning reach for positivity you've always been there. You make the World a better place. - wilts

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