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Howdy! I'm now working full time as a game artist. My commissions are now closed to focus on my company's titles, but feel free to ask for a quote/waiting list q's anytime, or just to get in touch. PM for Discord.

Art/Commissions (Closed)
My RPR templates can be found here or on that RPR Templates roster to your right. Poke me anytime if you have questions about coding something on your own. Cheers!

Rave Reviews

What can I say of Ohmi that I haven't said before... About the goodness and overwhelming, absolute kindness of his person, or the creative oasis of inspiration that beckons like paradise in his mind, or the characters he creates that have made my musings so much richer and more fulfilling for having them in it. You'd be hard pressed to find a man who can touch your life and inspire growth more than these gloved hands. Harder still to find a heart so kind through the hand it has been dealt - RoseGaarden
I HAVE SEEN YOU ONLY IN DREAMS, watercolor halfshapes, pigments and milk, yellowed vellum. a twigfingered dryad's hand extended for you to keep now, a prodigal hollowbone who returned Home. you coaxed the bud to bloom, real and imaginary, and for that my love and respect are immortal; two wingéd sprites who nearly drowned in the shallows.

unforgettable poet, my tendontwin, my treasurefriend. well met, indeed. - kroweling

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