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If you are reading this,
I greatly appreciate your interest in me and am very grateful for the time you are taking to read through.

I have been roleplaying for many many years, probably about a decade now as I used to at a young age on online games in obviously mediocre, first person fashion. Over the years this interest has evolved into my current past time of writing multi-paragraph, third-person, descriptive posts in roleplays with others who I meet on this wonderful site. When it comes to characters, my page is never complete and will change whenever I see need to alter my cast. That said, even if none of my current characters catch your eye,
there may be one up soon!

I pride myself in my kindness and even if you don't wish to RP, feel free to message me any time! I love making new friends! :D

Rave Reviews

Okaru is an individual of brilliance. I didn't think he'd find my writing as good as he thinks it is! I think I failed to explicitly state how great he is at what he does.

I remember how awed I was with his writing; every detail and emotion he poured in was breathtaking and instead of brushing off his efforts by casually replying mindlessly, I always made sure to take my time to be in my character's eyes to maximize our experience.

He's a great guy and I know you'll think so too. - Rett
Kuraudo47 is a truly gifted role player and writer! He had such interesting characters and is always bringing fun and inventive twists to our role plays! He also has a great gift for description, and it's just fun to read what he writes. I highly encourage you all to take up the chance to RP with him if you get the chance! He's also just a sweet, genuine person :) - CrimsonKnight212

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