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Im Kaz :)
I am 15 years of age
I love to roleplay, I've been at it for about 5 years now haha

Here Are My RP Preferences
    Adventure/ Action

    Longterm RPs are my favorite but I'm pretty adaptable and always open to new ideas

If you want to rp with me PLEASE keep at least 3+ lines

Rave Reviews

Ollie is mah bestie boyo and i love him so much! he always there to talk if i ever need help! he is mah OTP and i hope i get to stay friends with him for a long time Kind and understanding Helpful - Phoenix_unknown
I love roleplaying with Ollie because they reply fast and help me keep the rp going. I don’t feel uncomfortable adding new aspects to the story which is really helpful for adding more plot. I really appreciate them being patient with me since sometimes I can’t reply right away. I love their character style and how they roleplay in general. :3 Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - FitherCwen

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