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Open-to-RPs?: Not at the moment T^T

Here's my insta for my art <3 feel free to take a look! - asylum.creature

I'm a sucker for a roleplay with romance, so basically, all my stories have to have romance in them. From fluff, so-cute-I'm-going-to-die romance as well as oh-this-is-ripping-my-heart-out-im-going-to-die romance.
I welcome sexual content, language, and violence in rp stories as I don't really have limits on much of anything
I have other characters I just haven't got the time or room to put them on here hah

Also I don't do one-liner roleplays. I'm sorry I just can't get into them. A paragraph response that I can work from would work perfectly; as I like to write around 2-3. If we are in an rp and you decide, for some reason, you want or have to drop the rp, please tell me. I'll help fix it or if it's not a problem of something that needs to be fixed I'll be grateful to know the rp is stopping so I won't continue waiting for a reply, because it's sad being just ghosted. It's sad but hey life happens.

Also I'm in College and work full-time, so if I don't respond right away I'm sorry but I'll do my best to reply ASAP because I love stories too much haha
Usually I reply at least once a week, all depending on my schedule or length of rp.

Hope to have a wonderful RP with you or even just an OOC chat while brainstorming, so feel free to message me I'll respond whenever I get the chance for sure!
I absolutely love seeing notifications in my inbox <3 I'm just too nervous to send the first message most of the time hah

(FYI- I say 'sorry' too much, way too much anxiety hah. I also probably won't poke you due to that but if we had an rp and you had to disappear for life stuff, I'd still love to hear from you! )

Rave Reviews

This girl is one of THE most amazing roleplayers I have ever had the -quite- distinct pleasure of role-playing with. There's an amazing depth and detail to all of the beautiful characters”‹she's rped with me so far, even the npcs! We've only been rping a couple of weeks tops, and we've got probably literally years of plot brainstormed out. Omg <3 - Technotronic
OpenToThings and I have written together for a while now. I enjoy her character, Eingheill. He is a well developed and interesting character to write against. Her posts are always engaging and detailed. She is ready to talk plot points with you and develop ideas together. Also, she is very kind and understanding if life gets in the way and the RP needs to take a backseat for a while. But we have always been able to jump right back into things. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - RazleDazle

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