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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: July 19

Hello all,

I am OracleofDuality but some of my other online friends/writing partners throughout my online interactions simply call me Odd, a nickname that always brings a smile to my face. Feel free to call what you like however, I have no real preferences so let the creativity fly if it strikes your fancy. I am here to branch out and get back into the role play scene after a long absence and see how my more well written out characters, specifically Lo-Tael at the moment, fares when having to work with another writer's own style and process. I consider myself quite open minded, patience and readily willing to have a good old discussion for role play plots and ideas. Now this doe not mean I am looking for a multitude of partners. I would like to keep my thought relatively clutter free and having too many story lines to keep up tends to quickly kill my motivation to write. I am looking for only a couple other partners, three tops, to work with and if this works out I might add in or swap out characters so that I further improve both myself and my characters.

Currently I will only have my single character as my main focus on this sight but for those that prefer to have a partner of the feminine persuasion then set your worries aside. I always include the option for a gender swap along with name changes, some personality differences to match the swap as well as different preferences for fighting styles so that it wont feel so much as a female clone and more like an alternate reality version. If you have any other questions about my character please feel free to send me a private messge, its the quickest way to get a response from me, and I will do my utmost to answer and explain anything that I can. In the meantime here is a quick list that will help with the more common questions that I receive and the following answers that I give.

1)" Are you a boy or girl?" Well I will leave the answer to that up to you. Which would you prefer? I tend to keep my gender private mostly due not wanting to be limited to writing partners of one sex or the other so if it makes you more comfortable to see me as male or female then go for it. I won't stop you.

2) "Do you prefer smut and if so how much?" I won't lie, I do enjoy the occasional smuttiness in my stories like most of us but I don't like it being the forefront of the plot. I like story and character development first before anything else.

3)"Hey Odd! Why does your character have such a bloody past?" Well my own personal preferences took control of that one. I am huge fan of dark stories, movies and tv shows. My favorite anime is even Berserk, one of the darkest I have encountered with a reasonably good plot.

4) "Are you single?" I have been happily married since last June and for nearly seven years before then I have been with my other half through thick and thin. Yes my partner is aware of my writing and knows that some of the scenes get a little hot under the collar. What is written stays on paper, or in this case online.

5) "Will you change major factors of your character to fit the role play?" Yes and no. Yes I can make alterations to the timeline, the place or even eliminate some of the other species to make the world a bit more uniform. However I will not change the origins, personality, sexual preferences or if there is magic or not laced into my character. I want to keep all my characters close to what I wrote them out to be and it kills my immersion when I am the one writing as them. If you don't like certain aspects please tell me and we can discuss it, this doesn't mean I will make any changes but I am open to ideas.

6) "Your characters are too OP! I don't like godmodding!" Now, now there is no need to get upset. My reasoning behind their "Power levels" are due to wanting to create layers that match their personalities. An emotionally tortured warrior with tremendous power will fight the urge to use his dark powers for fear of reverting to his old self or an evil lich will refrain from calling upon his old patron's power for fear of it clashing with his dark and forbidden spells despite that if either use it it will provide an advantage. Just because they have power does not mean they will use them wantonly. Additionally what makes them so powerful does come at a price or has a weakness. Use them effectively and they are easily brought down like any other person.

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