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Hi there. <3 Nice to know you've come to look at my profile. :D

I have put my gender as a Non Binary, because I don't really want my Gender known.. but if we're friends, I'll eventually tell. I like reading, drawing, and dancing. I kinda sing, but I don't like how raspy my voice is, so I kinda just sound like a truck. lols-


Also, I like sitting.. in the road, laying in the rain all the time for some reason- ;-;
I honestly am not that interesting, but it's okay. I guess- I really wish we could be those friends that eat cereal at 1:00 in the morning, watching movies, and playing games. Yk. :D.. Haven't done that in.. forever.

~Shows I like to watch~
Attack on Titan
Robot Chicken
Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts
Scooby Doo !
Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Good Doctor
Grey's Anatomy

Yes, I know. That's a lot of shows- But I usually have noThInG to do.

~Games I like to play~

Fnaf/ Five Nights at Freddy's
Base Attack Force
Among us
Little Nightmares
Animal Crossing
A lot of horror games- ( VR )

Not as much- yes, I know. But I also play fortnite.. just not a lot . Uhh-

I don't like a lot of Movies..
But I do like the Harry Potter Movies, and the Lord of the Ring movies..

<3 <3 <3 <3 I have two cats and two dogs, I live alone in a big house- sadly. I like listening to music when I do literally everything- Also, sadly I stress eat. A lot- But anyway, I have this weird habit of reading over things I've said, or I already read like 3495641 times- :P heh.

Uh, I can give a short description of myself I guess. ;-; I have short black hair, it's a bit curly, I have a weird looking yellow eye thing, it's like.. in the middle. I honestly think I'm going to die- Or go blind- but anyway, I have a very rAsPy voice when I wake up, or literally whenever. Uh, I'm very small- sadly. I can't reach hardly anything. But my whole eye color is like a bright hazel, uH, My nails are usually always black unless the paint came off- thAT's All you get to know. UwU Unless I tell you bc we close friends. yk. <3

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