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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18

I live in southeast asia so timezones dictate that my responses can be about 12 hours apart on a good day. Don't worry about poor grammar though. English is my first language (and I am in fact quite terrible with my mother tongue). I may include some chinese (mandarin and hokkien mostly) and some malay in my posts.

Also note that I'm a student so unless you catch me before I sleep, replies won't be very prompt. Junior College is tough life.

I'm actually not arabic, malay or indian as my username would suggest. I'm actually ethnic chinese (but NOT from China)

A message to all RPers of non-hetero orientation or nonbinary gender, PLEASE BEAR WITH ME! I'm unexperienced with conversing with you guys and my foot tends to go into my mouth so sorry in advance if I say anything offensive!


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