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  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: June 22

.•♫•♬• ~ transmasculine_by_agent_pits-d8icwcr.png нe/нιм ~ ♋ cancer ~ oтaĸυ ~ 🎮gaмer ~ мeтal нead🤘 ~ ѕeмι-вad aттιтυde💀 ~ perpeтυally lazy ~ jυnĸ ғood jυnĸιe🍪 ~ •♬•♫•.

Dragon's Name; Fenasii
Dragon's Gender; male
Dragon Type; ghost and fairie hybrid
Jar type; skull jar


Status: Currently: Busy/offline mostly, don't have much time online for now.

Special gifts:
Thank you so much Novalynn for the purple enchanted silk cloak!
*strange mutated dragon-like growling*
I will horde it away forever!¡!
*giddy giggling*

Hey all! I am Orrik (but y'all can call me Ozzie) and I've been Rping for over nine years now.

I'm an avid reader and love to make art on occasion...I also enjoy music and am a total Otaku and Gamer...

As far as role-play goes I prefer the fantasy genre with more modern roots and romance is always welcome. Free form is kinda my thing, I suck at math so dice mechanics confuse and irritate me which limits my creativity. I usually give multi-paragraph replies (bare minimum of 2-3 paragraphs and up to 6-8 if i'm really interested...I've even given more than that but yeah...) I try to reply at least once a day but if I can't I always say so. Like now, my life sucks, I'm busy...replies will be scarce for now.


My favorite color is purple, I love pasta and seafood, my favorite animal is the poison dart frog (With the adorable yet evil scorpion eating Desert long ear bat coming in close second!) and my favorite season is Fall because I love the temperature and all the colors.

I'm a huge fan of creepy things and Horror is always great (For those who know of Creepypasta's i'm a huge fan of them) I also like mythology from around the top favorites being Greek and Norse. I recently converted religion...I am now a Christian planning to be baptized later this year hopefully.

My favorite music is mostly Rock, Metal, Screamo, and things around this set of genre's (Hard rock, Heavy metal, and such...)

I have Borderline personality disorder as well as a few other mental disorders. There are times when this may affect my ability to Rp so I may have to take a break for a while or drop out...if you think you might get upset over this then please don't ask me to Rp. Also, I'm an insomniac so I hardly ever sleep until my body shuts down so I may randomly disappear for a while at odd moments (like in the middle of a conversation in the PM's) IF we start talking and I disappear without replying then I probably passed out...MY REAL LIFE COMES FIRST UNFORTUNATELY, so, IF I'M BUSY WITH REAL LIFE, CHANCES ARE, I CAN'T REPLY! If you absolutely can't put up with this then it'd probably be best for you to reconsider asking me to Rp...

If I sound rude or harsh I'm sorry (I'm not a bad guy, I promise!), I don't mean to be a d!¢k but I have to consider my own health (both mental and physical...) and Borderline personality disorder is a serious condition that isn't easy to deal with. Here's a little information on Borderline personality disorder since I've noticed people commonly confuse it with multiple personality disorder among other things.

...I'm also a bit of a pyro and I really LOVE Zippo lighter's!

Favorite trans aesthetics~ (possible 18+ content warning?)


Quiz results n stuff...







The Mad Rabbit 🐇
Crazy and fun this one be~!!

Jazzy Raz 🎼
Pretty chill but still fun.

Buddy Ducky~! 🐤
This one gets me, he understands...

Seriously, I can't get enough of this chick...we have so much in common!

The Kat 😺
Beautiful, kind, and fun to hang out with or chat & Rp with...

The one who sends virtual cookies to me when I'm upset, always wanting to cheer me up...



Dragon's name: Chesiiva

...that's it for now but I'm always adding to my profile.

Rave Reviews

  • There's so much to say about him that I don't think there's enough room here on this description! So I'll do my be to condense it. He is wildly creative with his OCs, extremely easy to coordinate OOCly with, and I love that brain of his! Each character is...
    -- UrbanLady
  • Orrik is enthusiasm made manifest. He will barrel into a story, armed with a million ideas and a determination to kick ass and write something awesome; energy like that can really provide the motivation to write with someone! He's an honest and caring person, always...
    -- Lockroach

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