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They/them pronouns please!!
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Warning; I can disappear at times, might be for family or I’m in the hospital. If I don’t reply for a while, I promise you I will as soon as I can.

Writing span: It mostly depends on what you give to me, and how I’m feeling- I can usually write a pharaph, the most I ever written (that I know of) is Six pharaphs! But that is a lot of work for me at times with mental issues I have.

Interests (Famdoms): MLB, the owl house, gravity falls,MHA/BHNA,Marvel, DC, Demon slayer

Normal interests: Medevil, some times Modern, Fanatsy, Mixed Fantasy.

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Osris either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Osris is a wonderful rp partner, they have great responses, are able to move the story along easily, and give nice and quick replies! It's been an honor playing with you, my friend!<3 Creative ideas Fast responses - Alidal
Osris is such an amazing friend and an even better roleplay partner! She is quick with her responses and every post leaves me wanting more! She has amazing ideas for plots and is making our current rp so much fun! Cant wait to see what she'll post next!❤ Wonderful writer Fast responses - Lunalla-Starlight

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