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They/them pronouns please!!
Ask for socials
Warning; I can disappear at times, might be for family or I’m in the hospital. If I don’t reply for a while, I promise you I will as soon as I can.

Writing span: It mostly depends on what you give to me, and how I’m feeling- I can usually write a pharaph, the most I ever written (that I know of) is Six pharaphs! But that is a lot of work for me at times with mental issues I have.

Interests (Famdoms): MLB, the owl house, gravity falls,MHA/BHNA,Marvel, DC, Demon slayer

Normal interests: Medevil, some times Modern, Fanatsy, Mixed Fantasy.

Rave Reviews

Osris is a wonderful rp partner, they have great responses, are able to move the story along easily, and give nice and quick replies! It's been an honor playing with you, my friend!<3 Creative ideas Fast responses - Alidal
They are pretty cool and laidback! Their responses are quick and they really help me develop my character's background, as well as help her become a better person bit by bit. even though we haven't been roleplaying long, I still definitely recommend roleplaying with them. Wonderful writer Fast responses - satans_child

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